Atlético San Andrés promoted to Third after beating Berisso

In a thrilling finale Club Atlético San Andrés became champion of the Development category after winning a difficult match against its rival Berisso 26-17 and with this result it was promoted to Third in 2022.

The local team stomped on and showed a solid start in the first 40 minutes with a lot of initiative and used the opportunities they had to generate points with penalties and a great try from Rodrigo Molina, followed by a penalty try put them 20-0.

Berisso He did not stay behind and managed to discount with two tries followed by Franco Galliano, that brought him closer to the illusion of promotion. At the end of the first half, the partial result was 23 to 14.

During the complement the physical fatigue of both teams was noticed and there were a series of injuries that made it difficult to extend the score. Just one kicker penalty Esteban Sosa made Berisso reduce the difference, but it was not enough and, minutes from the end of the game, the opening Lucas buffa made a drop that sentenced the end.

With great joy and an exploded tribune after a very difficult game, Athletic San Andrés He obtained his pass to Third and says goodbye to the Development category for next year to enjoy his promotion.


ATLÉTICO SAN ANDRÉS (26): 1- Mauro Rodera, 2- Maximiliano Briglia, 3- Oscar Moyano, 4- Ruben Vera, 5- Juan Carlos Sandoval, 6- Fernando Clemente, 7- Cristian Rius, 8- Hugo Rodríguez, 9- Juan Di Pascuale (C), 10- Lucas Buffa, 11- Claudio Olivieri, 12- Jorge Vallejos, 13- Santiago Campos, 14- Franco Pallota, 15- Rodrigo Molina.

Changes: ST: 13 ‘Nicolás Tournier by Jorge Vallejos, 29’ Javier Leguizamon by Claudio Olivieri, 31 ‘Tomás Fink by Juan Carlos Sandoval and 33’ Lucas Digon by Mauro Rodera.

Trainers: Claudio Acosta, Carlos Caterbetti, Matías Brown and Pablo Díaz.

BERISSO (17): 1- Javier Herrera, 2- Julián Flores, 3- Franco Galliano, 4- Nicolás Herrera, 5- Agustín Burgos; 6- Juan Reyes (C), 7- Darío Witecamps, 8-Pablo Villalba, 9- Gastón Zalazar, 10-Gastón Fernández Sosa, 11- Santiago Nuñez, 12- Benjamín Iurbe, 13- Ignacio Mira, 14- Fabricio Ucha, 15 – Esteban Sosa.

Changes: PT: 19 ‘Lautaro Marelli by Benjamín Iurbe. ST: 19 ‘Darío Izamaga by Nicolás Herrera, 27’ Martín Cironi by Santiago Nuñez, 29 ‘Facundo Schiro by Franco Galliano and 33’ Franco Petti by Ignacio Mira.

Trainers: Fernando Torrijos, Patricio Angaut, Gustavo Mandrini and Néstor Slobdean.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 1 ‘Penalty by Lucas Buffa (ASA), 7’ Penalty by Lucas Buffa (ASA), 9 ‘Try by Rodrigo Molina converted by Lucas Buffa (ASA), 17’ Try-Penal (ASA), 26 ‘Try by Franco Galliano converted by Esteban Sosa (B), 32 ‘Try by Franco Galliano converted by Esteban Sosa (B), 36’ Penalty by Lucas Buffa (ASA).

Partial result: Atlético San Andrés 23 – Berisso 14

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 9 ‘Penalty by Esteban Sosa (B) and 35’ Drop by Lucas Buffa (ASA).

Final score: Atlético San Andrés 26 – Berisso 17

WARNED: PT: 17 ‘Yellow Santiago Nuñez (B) and 22’. Yellow Mauro Rodera (ASA).

REFEREE: Augustine Baeck

BASKETBALL COURT: Atlético San Andrés, Engineer Maschwitz