Emilio Gómez: "At times I felt miserable"

The number one of the Ecuadorian team Emilio Gómez, acknowledged having felt frustrated in the clash against the number two in the world, the Russian Daniil Medvedev, who could only play two games, although he was left with all the positive experiences in the Finals of the Davis cup.

On Friday I experienced something that I had never experienced in a stadium. Today what happened to me with Carreño in Indian Wells happened to me. What I felt today I never felt. I really felt miserable for a few minutes into the game, in the first set. What happened on Friday, I could hardly sleep. Two matches like that is pretty tough. The truth is that Friday’s game was incredible. Medvedev told me on the network that I accused the effort on Friday and that it could have been better, “acknowledged Gómez.

“I played with the world number two after a tough battle on Friday. We are not used to this. It is a lesson for our team. We have played against two powers. We have a very good doubles. I don’t know what they are going to do with the Davis Cup because so many things are said and there are so many formats that I don’t know. Reaching these instances is great for Ecuador“said the number one in Ecuador.

Emilio Gómez stressed that many things are needed to face players like Medvedev. “To beat these types of players you need a plan A, a plan B and a plan C. I have to improve things. I felt that going to the limit was not enough. There are many things.”

“The effort to try to do better cannot be denied, but to beat him you have to play at a really, very high level,” said Gomez, who is already thinking about next year to try to fit into the top 100 in the world.

“It has been the year that I have traveled the most and that I have played more weeks. I have to play fewer weeks and prepare them better. I did very long tours that are no longer done,” assumed the Ecuadorian.

“If we did not have that union that we have, we would not have arrived here but two rounds back. That is our strength, the union. We found a group that nobody wanted. I would have loved a group like with Canada that the two best are gone players. But I would not have lived through this week and with that I also stay “, concluded Emilio Gómez.