Gianni Infantino says detractors of the biennial World Cup fear losing their place at the top

The FIFA president criticized that UEFA and Conmebol, confederations that have the world champion teams, do not support the proposal to play every two years

Detractors of the attempt of the FIFA to make a world Cup each two years they fear lose your place at the top of world football, said the president of the organization, Gianni Infantino.

The speech of Infantino before the leaders of African football included a direct criticism of Europe and South America, continents that have dominated the World Cups and they have threatened to boycott a biennial tournament in the male branch.

“Those who oppose are those at the top,” he said. Infantino to officials from the 54 nations that make up the African Football Confederation that meets in Cairo.

“That happens in every sector of life, when there are reforms and changes, those at the top don’t want anything to change“, declared Infantino, who for a long time was a senior official of the UEFA before being elected president of the FIFA in 2016. “He is afraid, perhaps, that if something changes his position at the front he will be at risk.”

Europe and South America have contributed the teams that have played all 21 finals of world Cup since the first in 1930, and their historical dominance has awarded them at least 18 of the 32 places for the 2022 edition of the World Cup in Qatar.

“We understand it, and we commend and applaud them for being so successful in reaching the summit.” Infantino. “That is fantastic and they are an example for everyone. But at the same time we cannot close the doors [a los otros]”.

No African team has reached the semifinals of the Men’s World Cup and the continent only has five of the 32 places in the tournament. That number will grow to at least nine when the tournament implements its 48-team format in 2026.

Infantino has pushed for a biennial World Cup that helps other regions develop and close the gap by giving other nations more opportunities to qualify and players more opportunities to compete on the world’s biggest soccer stage.

A world Cup extra manly over a four-year cycle would add about $ 3 billion to the income of the FIFA and it would increase support for its 211 member federations and its six continental bodies.

“It is our responsibility to keep the dream alive to give everyone an opportunity,” said the leader of the FIFA.