Todo es cuestión que yo gane varias peleas: Julio César Chávez Jr quiere revancha con Canelo

Julio César Chávez Jr does not rule out that he may face again in a rematch to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, since it is a fight that would generate a lot of money and that could interest the fans.

“It would be a good fight,” he said. Chavez Jr at a press conference. “As with Gennady Golovkin another rematch or with me in the future, they would be attractive fights that would generate money that is generating or more and to please people ”.

The Junior and the Canelo met on May 6, 2017, with a categorical victory for Alvarez after 12 rounds at T-Mobile in Las Vegas, and Chavez Jr he thinks there could be a rematch.

“Everything is possible in life,” he said. Chavez Jr. “It’s all about me winning several fights and people being interested.”

He said that another point that would help make this fight a reality is that there are not many rivals for him. Canelo. From their last fights Chavez Jr He considered that the Europeans who have faced him left much to be desired.

“There is not much fabric to cut from,” said the Sinaloan. “There are rivals who do not know them, Europeans who have left something to be desired.”

Chávez Jr, ready to fight Jake Paul or Logan Paul

On the other hand, he was questioned by youtubers as Jake and Logan Paul, who have done boxing exhibitions. Although he supports them, he assured that they should not be inventing and fight at least ten rounds.

“You can do (your fights) like in boxing, 10 rounds,” he said. Chavez Jr. “Not being invented, my best rounds of all my life have been after the fifth or sixth, fighting four or five would be giving an advantage.”

Finally, he reiterated that he does agree with the fights of the youtubers, but if he faces one, he would have a high chance of beating him.

“Yes, I support them because they are generating for boxing,” he concluded. Chavez Jr. “But to say that they are great fighters, no. They are winnable, if the opportunity is given, they will fight, but under the rules of boxing ”.

Julio César Chávez Jr offered a press conference on Friday to talk about his return to activity, which will be on December 18 against the Peruvian David zegarra.