Lakers do not panic despite lack of results, after loss in triple overtime

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Lakers returned to the home court Friday night after five road games, yet they surprisingly took the loss in triple overtime, 141-137, to the Sacramento Kings. In the fourth quarter, the Angelenos led by 13 points and let go of the advantage.

“We are very frustrated. Sure there is a sense of urgency to get results, but at the same time we understand adversity. One of the things I abide by is never to panic, despite tough times. It doesn’t matter what people say about our locker room or the way we’re playing, ”Russell Westbrook said on a night in which he had a triple-double of 29 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony shared the court again, after the absences due to injury, suspension or illness they have faced. The league’s four veteran superstars combined for 98 out of 137 for the purple and gold, or 71.5 percent of the points scored, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a loss to Kings.

“We are the Lakers, every team we face will be a great effort, all the teams want to beat us, the other teams grow. We are the Lakers, we have a well-armed team that can win 10,12,15 consecutive games. We can do it and we have to commit to the defensive side and if we do that, we can find that positive inertia and then talk about a record of 20-11 and not 10-11, shut up everyone, “said Anthony Davis, who returned to play after missing the previous duel due to malaise and fever.

LeBron James, coming off a spectacular night in Indiana in the Lakers’ win over the Pacers on Wednesday, couldn’t find the same rhythm at home, missing key shots. James finished with 10 of 25 shots from the field made and just two 3-pointers in thirteen attempts.

“The first game back home after a long trip is the most difficult, but we can make excuses, we still have to play Lakers-style basketball, share the ball, defend, not deliver the ball. Personally I have to be better, I feel like I played a terrible game individually and I am the first to take responsibility. I must be up to the task, more for the situation we are in, ”LeBron acknowledged after the loss. “I had the open shots and I didn’t make it, they were better spaces than even the ones I had in Indiana and it was a bad night.”

It was the fifth game for the Lakers this season, which had to be defined in overtime. The four previous clashes that were defined in this way had been Angelenos triumphs. But when we talk about triple overtime, we have to go back to 2011 to find the last time the Lakers played three overtime times to define a score. On that occasion, they beat Phoenix 139-137.

“Nobody will give us anything, nobody will feel bad for us, we have to go out and earn everything, work for everything, is what we have to do so that, in the end, having the trophy makes everything worthwhile,” said a upbeat Anthony Davis, who also had a bad night from the perimeter (0-5).

With the loss, the Lakers went back to a negative mark in the season of ten wins and eleven losses. The next commitment for the Angelenos will be Sunday receiving the Detroit Pistons; A duel that will be burning considering the urgency of the Lakers ‘triumphs, especially at home, and what happened last week in the Los Angeles’ visit to Detroit, which resulted in the altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart that earned them a suspension to both of them.

“I don’t go into a game thinking about an individual situation. I heard Stewart’s comments today (he feels the punch to the face was intentional on my part), but it was an accident. Wanting to take his pressure off, that part was on purpose, but not the blow to the face. I am not that type of player. My focus on Sunday is to win and get back to .500, that’s the most important thing, ”concluded LeBron.