Pre-intermediate B: SIC and Belgrano advanced to the final in search of the title

The semifinals of the tournament of the Pre-intermediate B of the Top 12. In Pinazo, Belgrano was imposed on Hindu by 34-25 and the SIC achieved an agonizing triumph over CUBA 25-23, which left them both in the final of the contest.

Belgrano stomped before Hindu in the first few minutes. The meeting was very even, but el Brown he always stayed up on the scoreboard. The first half ended with dominance by 14 to 10. Despite the drive of Don Torcuato’s team, the good use with the foot of Belgrano’s opening, who converted two penalties from the middle of the court, made possible the victory over Elephant.

In the other meeting, SIC eliminated CUBA with a triumph not suitable for the faint of heart. In the first half, the San Isidro team went ahead with a difference of four points. El Zanjero could not maintain that difference that put him on the ropes in the second half, but with a conversion to the sticks of Miranda’s second with the time fulfilled, the SIC he won the match 25-25, to get into the grand finale of the tournament.