Ron Rivera sharpens the Washington FootballTeam mentality

The coach is also confident that they will beat Russell and company

It seems that the Washington Football Team he needed a break to rebuild the path that seemed to be going downhill, as they had four consecutive defeats and their record was 2-6. They now have two consecutive wins to their name and have shown improvement in their game.

They gave a great game against Carolina Panthers, with an extraordinary performance both by land and by air. The team rushed for 190 yards, while Taylor Heinicke threw for 206 yards and three touchdowns.

I think it was the best game on the team, but for their head coach, Ron Rivera, they still have a long way to go and the best remains to be seen, as he shared it with us during an exclusive interview for ESPN.

“We ran the ball effectively on offense and connected every time we threw the ball. Taylor (Heinicke) had a great game, he threw three touchdown passes, which was amazing. Defensively we made the plays that allowed us to win. Unfortunately, we gave up a couple of plays on both sides. We can do better, but I think it could have been our best game, but there is still a lot to come, ”shared the head coach.

The new winning culture begins to work

For the coach Rivera The most important thing is the mentality and the connection between the players, because from the first day he was in office he taught them the fundamental pillars on which his new winning culture would rule, which is beginning to bear fruit.

“One of the most important things we wanted to do is create a sustainable winning culture, which is based on certain core values. They are things that really matter, it is about family, inclusion and growth. It’s about trust and honor, they’re things we value and we want to make sure everyone understands what really matters. I think that when things go wrong, you can always lean on your culture. We are working on it, we feel very good ”.

“We still have things to improve, for me they are maturity issues, we are a young, immature team that is still learning and developing. I know we have gotten better players, but we haven’t been together long. So I think that as long as we continue to get to know each other and understand how to do things and the way we should behave, that will help us during the season ”he shared with us exclusively Ron Rivera.

But they are not just words on the air, because it recognizes the connection that has been between its players, which has been seen in recent games, and the fans of this team have to recognize the change we have seen.

“Now the players are more comfortable playing together, they understand how to play together, they know what to do. I believe that from the beginning we are learning and growing. Now we are beginning to progress, especially the last four games, we have played better as a unit than with individualities, “he said in an interview.

But Rivera rubs his hands because better things are coming, especially because they are close to recovering important pieces like Curtis Samuel and Logan Thomas who, in their words, “will be very beneficial for us and what we want to do offensively… We will be more explosive, but we can’t stop doing what we’ve done better, which is running with the ball ”.

The importance of a healthy mindset and connection

Ron Rivera He seeks that his players are connected to win their matches as a group and not with individualities, that is why he also manages to connect with them and takes care of their mentality at all times, as he did with Antonio Gibson, who, in an opportunity to score, he released the ball and was seated in a great game in the second quarter and returned in the third. Gibson finished the afternoon with 19 carries for 95 yards, the vast majority in the second half.

“Sometimes when a player makes a big mistake like that (Gibson’s fumble) you have to take a step back, you have to restart and that’s what we did. He played the way he is capable of ”, he mentioned.

This brings the player and coach closer together and creates a bond that can last for a long time, like the one he got with Cam Newton while he was Carolina’s head coach.

“(Cam Newton) He’s a guy I’m always proud of. We will always be connected because it was my first draft pick. That is why we are very close, he is someone to whom I have a lot of respect and affection for that ”, he added.

Ron Rivera you are ready to face Russell wilson and company, and for this he has told his players that the most important thing is to focus on themselves and not think about how complicated the rival could be, since the capital is the unit and the team. But he knows not to be trusted, as the Seattle Seahawks quarterback is an elite player.

“(For the next meeting) I tell the guys to remember what we’ve been through and how we felt about it, and work from there. Now that they are going to come out with the attitude that we have achieved, we have to do the things that we are capable of and not worry about them. We are focused on what we can do, but it is Russell wilson and he is an elite player in this league ”, acknowledged the coach.

Clearly the culture in the Washington Football Team is changing for the better with the leadership of its president Jason wright and Coach Rivera, it is a matter of time for this to be reflected on the court.