San Cirano beat San Martín 23-11 and was promoted to the First A of the URBA

It is shouted very loud for Villa Celina because it was a final and a classic. All in one. San Cirano He beat San Martin by 23-11 and got promoted to the First A of the URBA. The “dale champion” reverberated through every corner of the club until the sun went down through the streets of the neighborhood.

He won it fairly and justified it by knowing how to play a final of this type. Everyone unfolded in the effort, the forwards made the game they needed and every time they San Martin it was within its 22 meters it was like a fly fighting to get out of the web. He came with the maul and try, appealed to the pick and go and then he opened for that Patrick crevella increase the difference. It came out determined and it was effective. San Cirano without bombast, but respecting the basics, tipped the balance.

The tricolor felt the rigor in contact with another try, this time from Juan Ignacio Pysynski, and showed the best in the second half. He took advantage of the yellow to Nicolas Hervera and in two minutes he got back into the game with the penalty of Franco De Giovanni and the try of Juan Pollet. It was his moment, but he could not turn the result around. The premises were again fifteen, they brought out again the good combination of forwards and backs and settled the game: the forwards put the game within meters of the ingoal and the three-quarters were in charge of signing the try with Agustin Geragthy Fleming.

It only remained for the game to end. They both knew that destiny was already written and that it was not going to change. That party that was dreamed of all week began with the final whistle. San Cirano is again in A.


SAINT CIRANO (23): 1 Tomas Liporacci, 2 Federico Cefalo, 3 Maximiliano Ruíz Rousseaux, 4 Franco Carrera, 5 Mariano Decuzzi, 6 Juan Ignacii Pysynski, 7 Agustín Ramírez, 8 Federico Figueiras, 9 Santiago Taborda, 10 Juan Ignacio Sánchez, 11. Antonio Romano, 12 Patricio Crovella, 13 Tomás Tantucci (C), 14 Ramiro Fasano, 15 Agustin Geragthy Fleming.

Changes: PT: 10 ‘Nicolás Aruanno for Romano. ST: 1 ‘Nicolás Hervera for Liporacci, 30’ Gonzalo Torino for Fasano, 31 ‘Santiago Cuello for Ramirez, 35’ Tomas Lertora for Geragthy Fleming and 40 ‘Agustín Neme for Carrera.

COACH: Guillermo Garcia Porcel.

SAN MARTÍN (11): 1. Juan Cruz Pompei, 2. Franco Cammarata (C), 3. Facundo Panes, 4. Luciano Mastrolorenzo, 5. Diego Lorenzo, 6. Federico Giordanelli, 7. Tomás Aguirre, 8. Mateo González, 9. Miguel Schifino, 10 Joaquín Adami, 11. Juan Pollet, 12. Manuel Bianco Druetta, 13. Agustín Ferraro, 14. Juan Francisco Bugge, 15. Franco De Giovanni.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Julian Papa for Pane and Nahuel Caracciolo for Lorenzo, 5’ Luciano Pérez Mosquera for Adami, 10 ‘Gianluca Gianolli for González, 25’ Lautaro Guerrero for Pompei and 27 ‘Joaquín Pezzutti for Giordanelli.

COACH: Francisco Pavicevic.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 4 ‘Drop by Manuel Bianco Druetta (SM), 16’ Penalty by Patricio Crovella (SC), 33 ‘Try by Federico Céfalo Fernández (SC), 38’ Try by Patricio Crovella (SC).

Partial result: San Cirano 13 – 3 San Martin.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 5 ‘Try by Juan Ignacio Pysynski (SC), 15’ Penalty by Franco de Giovanni (SM), 17 ‘Try by Francisco Bugge (SM), 30’ Try by Agustín Geragthy Fleming (SC).

Final score: San Cirano 23-11 San Martín

WARNED: ST: 10 ‘Nicolás Hervera.


REFEREE: Pablo Houghton.