St Brendans dominated CAR and won promotion to the First C of URBA

In a final played through clenched teeth, St Brendan’s was smarter than CAR, he won by 23 to 7 and became champion of the URBA Second Division tournament.

At the start, as in any defining match, the two teams took a few minutes to study each other and tried to position themselves on rival terrain with kicks to wait for the opposite error. In that context, it was St Brendan’s in which he opened the account with a criminal of Lautaro Murua, one of the figures of the brand new champion.

Argentinian He tried to balance the game with the weight of his pack, he showed dominance in the scrum, but he did not find the connection with his backs to define the plays. Just a break from Thomas Corrochano, It was the most emotional point of the place in the first half. And just before closing, a good run Santiago Osterheld ended in the only try of the first half.

After the break, the locals went out to burn the ships, while St Brendan’s dedicated himself to controlling the game and managing the result in favor with the first row try Pablo Pereyra and the kicks of Lautaro Murua.

CAR was able to discount with a penalty try, but the die was already cast. St Brendans rounded off a solid performance and celebrated long and hard the long-awaited promotion to the First C.


ARGENTINE (7): 1. Mauro Scokay; 2. Santiago Mendiburu (C), 3. Nicolás Laggiard; 4. Juan Ignacio Duarte, 5. Lautaro Ronderos Darcy; 6. Santiago Corvalán, 7. Rodrigo Laggiard, 8. Gaspar Siepe; 9. Ignacio Sola, 10. Tomás Corrochano, 11. Mariano Purtich, 12. Leonardo Gallardo, 13. Ramiro Ursino, 14. Lucas Almeida; 15. Joaquín López.

Changes: ST at the beginning Facundo Angeletti by Nicolás Laggiard; 5´Cristobal Carbone by Rodrigo Laggiard; 13 ‘Mariano Filomeno by Mauro Scokay; 25 ‘Caio Lopez by Mariano Purtich and Lisandro Carbone by Leonardo Gallardo.

Trainers: Gonzalo Marmo, Danilo Della Latta, José Garmendia.

ST BRENDANS (23): 1. Pablo Pereyra, 2. Felipe Lagorio, 3. Ramón Rodríguez, 4. Franco Bassi, 5. Ariel Nuñez, 6. Bruno Genua, 7. Gonzalo Garcia, 8. Mauro Manfrino, 9. Lautaro Murua, 10. Federico Troncoso, 11. Nicolás Busdrago, 12, Guido Di Tulio, 13. Santiago Osterheld, 14. Maximiliano Pingaro, 15. Mariano Di Tulio.

Changes: ST 14 ‘Gonzalo Gil Puentes by Ramón Rodríguez; 28 ‘Sebastián Gauno Otero by Ariel Núñez; 37 ‘Juan Cruz Romero for Maximiliano Pingaro; 38 ‘Francisco Anguita for Bruno Genua; 40 ‘Guido Bruzzone by Guido Di Tulio.

Trainers: Ignacio Urbieta, Diego Trejo, Luis Maria Jaimes.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 19 ‘penalty by Lautaro Murua (SB); 42 ‘try by Santiago Osterheld, converted by Lautaro Murua (SB).

Partial Result: ARGENTINO 0 – 10 ST BRENDANS.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 8 ‘try by Pablo Pereyra, converted by Lautaro Murua (SB); 22 ‘penalty try (CAR); 34´ penalty by Lautaro Murua (SB); 37 ‘penalty by Lautaro Murua (SB).

Final score: ARGENTINO 7 – 23 ST BRENDANS.

WARNED: ST 14 ‘Guido Di Tulio (SB); 23 ‘Maximiliano Pingaro (SB).

BASKETBALL COURT: Argentine Rugby Club

REFEREE: Javier Ruibal.