Así se ha visto el Canelo con sparrings pesados, según Chale Aceves, que lo ha visto en el gimnasio

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez he has worked with sparring partners much heavier than him, such as the Cuban Frank Sanchez, as if he was already preparing to reach the cruiser division, according to Mauricio “Chale” Aceves, coach of Julio César Martínez, you have seen him in the gym.

The Chale Aceveswho working Martinez, has worked in the gym where he trains Canelo, and has witnessed the power of Guadalajara against sparrings that carry several kilos.

“He looks very strong, very intelligent, he works a lot on the backlash,” he said. Aceves in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “Play with them for a little bit and then hit them with power, deadly power. He’s bastard, that’s why he’s the CaneloHe trains his combinations a lot ”.

Frank Sánchez and other heavy sparring partners for Canelo

But it is not only Frank Sanchez the only heavyweight boxer with whom the Guadalajara sparring. Eddy reynoso help others to work with the one considered best Pound for pound of the world.

“Box with Frank Sanchez, a Cuban who is barely two or three years old with Eddy and he is going to be world champion ”, commented the Chalet. “He is the one who is helping him in the sparring, the one who supports him, boxing with Canelo. And also others take him, I have seen several black men who take him there, some strong fighters and they are the ones who put up with him ”.

Added that Eddy reynoso he demands the most of his pupil and when he sparred he raises one and the other, but the Canelo responds well.

“I saw him sparring two or three rounds, they raised him to another and another,” the coach recalled. “All the complete boxers to demand it. I have seen his discipline and work and it is not easy, that’s why he is where he is “

He added that the work and discipline of the man from Guadalajara are essential to have the success that he now enjoys, with a job that borders almost perfection, that is why no one can beat him.

“Your discipline that bears my respects,” he acknowledged Mauricio Aceves. “The discipline that this cannon carries, it is like a monk. Fight and after 15 days he is training again, he loves his work, my respects for him, he is a professional who perfects his work, that’s why they can’t beat him. Fight, win and prepare again ”.

Asked if he sees options to beat Ilunga Makabu, cruiserweight champion of the CMB, if the fight takes place, he did not hesitate to answer yes.

“Yes, Canelor he is in the middle (of his career) and what he lacks ”, he concluded. “That’s why people are not going to want it, they will see it very amazed, but it is well managed and it will always be that way.”

The video of Canelo sparring with heavyweight Frank Sánchez

In October 2020, a video of the Canelo doing sparring with the heavy Cuban, Frank Sanchez, who is also trained by Eddy reynoso.

And there, Saul He showed his skills before opponents of much greater weight.