URBA Primera C: Vicentinos shouted champion and ascended to Primera B

Vincentians defeated 29 to 26 to CUQ to achieve a historic promotion to the third category of the tournament of the URBA. True to form, the Vicente He was firm in defense and took over the game in the key moments to win the final.

Although the final joy was for the visitor, the beginning of the meeting was favorable for the celestial. After a minute of play he managed to open the scoring by means of his pillar Tomás Domínguez, after a great team move to leave the result 7 to 0 in his favor.

After this conquest, came the reaction of Vincentians. True to his style, Vicente took over the icing on the cake and began to give rhythm to his attacks. In this way, in a burst of 15 minutes, he scored two tries, to turn the score around and be 12 to 7 up.

Although the circle was going to violate the rival ingoal again thanks to the push of its forwards in the scrum, the last blow was given by the visit through its wing Rodrigo Esmayel, one of the figures of the meeting, to be 19 to 14 above at the end of the initial 40.

With the obligation for the adverse result, from the beginning of the complement the celestial went out to look for the match. Supported by the physical power of its forwards, the circle began to hit near the formations, in this way it marked two conquests by means of its wings, Juan Vatano and Augusto Stagnaro, to be 26 to 19 above.

As in the first part, after the blow received, the Vincent reacted. He first scored a penalty through his center Santiago Traynor and minutes later he got his fourth try in the afternoon through his other center, Ignacio Torres placeholder image, to leave the score 29 to 26 at 31 ‘of the complement.

The final minutes were pure nervousness. With more desire than ideas, the circle went in search of the try that would give it victory, but it collided time and again against a strong visiting defense. Thus came the end of the game, the joy was of Vincentians that for the first time in history will play in First B.


CUQ (26): 1. Nicolás Haringa, 2. Nicolás Cabral, 3. Tomás Domínguez, 4.Sebastian Sanabria, 5. Leandro Gauto (C), 6. Augusto Stagnaro, 7. Juan Vatano, 8. Rodrigo Attanasio, 9. Juan Francisco Roverano, 10. Leandro Casado, 11. Mauro Druventi, 12. Kevin Formia, 13. Thomas Schocron, 14. Guido Paglia, 15. Ramiro Dickson.

Changes: ST: 16´ Gaston Olasagarre for Nicolás Haringa; 17´ Ramiro Garibaldi by Juan Francisco Roverano; 19´ Juan Castro by Rodrigo Attanasio; 32´ Luciano Bardini by Guido Paglia and 33´ Julián Lopéz by Sebastián Sanabria.

Coaches: Guillermo Ramos and Gonzalo Ferre.

VICENTINES (29): 1. Matías Traynor, 2. Ezequiel Balestra, 3. Rodrigo Gómez, 4. Octavio Tallarico, 5. Francisco Comabella, 6. Matías Aguerrondo, 7. Rodrigo Esmayel, 8. Tobías Lucero, 9. Mariano Cettour (C), 10 Juan Traynor, 11. Francisco Occhiuzzi, 12. Santiago Traynor, 13. Ignacio Torres, 14. Gonzalo Gregorio, 15. Ramiro Occhiuzzi.

Changes: ST: 5´ Ignacio Tortorella for Rodrigo Esmayel; 11´ Nicolás Altamirano by Octavio Tallarico; 30´ Hugo Pedemonte by Ezequiel Balestra and Federido Martinez by Matías Traynor; 32´ Juan Ignacio Vazquez by Tobias Lucero and 36´ Agustín Traynor by Mariano Cettour.

Coaches: Manuel Altamirano, Francisco Dulce, Juan Carlos Lista and Marcelo Lavignolle.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 1´ Try by Tomás Domínguez converted by Leandro Casado (C); 10´ Try by Santiago Traynor converted by himself (V); 26´ Try by Rodrigo Esmayel (V); 34´ Try penal (C); 40´ Try by Rodrigo Esmayel converted by Santiago Traynor (V).

Partial Result: CUQ 14 – Vicentinos 19.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10´ Try by Juan Vatano (C); 18´ Try by Augusto Stagnaro converted by Leandro Casado (C); 22´ Penalty of Santiago Traynor (V); 31´ Try by Ignacio Torres converted by Santiago Traynor (V).

Final Result: CUQ 26 – 29 Vicentinos.

Admonished: PT: 39 ‘Leandro Gauto (CUQ)


REFEREE: Martín Cortes.