URBA Top 12 Intermediate: SIC and Alumni obtained the pass to the definition

The semifinals of the URBA Top 12 Intermediate and the four teams did not wrestle anything at random. The San Isidro Club won a tough match against CUBA 33-30 and Alumni beat in the classic Belgrano Athletic by an adjusted difference of 22-19.

In the first meeting mentioned, those of May Village They started dominating the match and went to the first half up. The ditch woke up and, as in the rest of the categories, got his pass to the final beating CUBA 33 to 30 thanks to a penalty on the end of Santiago Pavlovsky.

On the other hand, Belgrano he started the game more alert, maintaining a favorable result in the first half from 14 to 10. In the second half, Alumni he woke up and, with the wind blowing, managed to find more of the game. Canzani was the figure of the match who, as in the previous match, converted a penalty in the last minute that gave the Tortuguitas team victory 22 to 19, which will seek to repeat this performance against a SIC that managed to enter at three categories.