URBA Top 12 Pre-intermediate A: SIC and CUBA were superior and are the finalists

For the semifinals of the Pre-intermediate A of the URBA Top 12, the San Isidro Club showed his hierarchy against Hindu and beat him 25-9, while CUBA He did the same with his Alumni peers to win 30-23. Both teams will play the final in Pinazo that will consecrate one of the two as champion.

As for the first match, The ditch he was clearly superior at all times. With two tries in the first half, the SIC went to rest up 15 to 6, in front of a Hindu that only could harvest penalties to the sticks. In the second half, Boulogne’s men sought to stretch the lead and through push they succeeded. To end the match, the drop of Francisco Fernandez de Oliveira sentenced the meeting for the SIC to celebrate 25 to 9 more than deserved.

CUBA did the same in front of Alumni. In a more even game, those of May Village they got the victory by 30 to 23. He looked more for the game, handled the ball and was more determined to attack. About the end of the game, those of Little turtles They tried to dominate the match and get back up on the scoreboard, but at no time did they manage to break the defense of CUBA that took the semis and will face a tough San Isidro Club that stomps in all categories.