Wilander: "I don't think Federer plays a lot of matches on the circuit"

The absence of Roger Federer on the circuit and doubts about the date on which he will play again are always a matter of discussion. And how he will do it is also anyone’s guess. That is why Mats Wilander, former world number one, gave his opinion on the matter.

“I think it’s possible that he will come back. I think if he keeps saying it himself, he obviously has his mind set on going back. I think the biggest problem for me is that these guys are playing really well. Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev have been pushing from behind and are playing great tennis matches. Of course Federer has his serve but is Federer’s serve such a big weapon compared to the serves of Zverev and Medvedev? I think that will be the reality test “ manifested to the international media Eurosport.

Finally, the winner of seven Grand Slam tournaments stated: “I don’t think Roger Federer plays many games on the circuit. He has realized that he still has a chance to win, maybe not a Grand Slam, but three or four games. I think for him, in his mind, it is worth going back. I don’t think he knows until he gets back on the court and plays a match and two or three sets against players like Zverev and Medvedev. “