Atlético del Rosario beat La Plata 37-20 and rose

On a beautiful afternoon Atlético del Rosario beat Silver by 37-20 at the end of the First A and thus marked his return to the top flight of the Buenos Aires rugby.

The match, like any final, was highly contested and much was noticed in the first half, where neither team found their way around to easily reach the opponent’s goal. In the initial 40 minutes, they went to the break in a tie at 7 product of a try by Manuel Nogués, court figure, for Square and Augusto Garcia Larcher for him Canary.

Already in the complement, the physical decline began to be noticed especially in the cast of La Plata. This led Rosario to find the necessary holes to overcome the yellow defense. Averaging the second half, Nicolas Casals built a tremendous try with a great team play beforehand. Silver He continued to insist, but he did not find the ways to dismantle the Atlético defense.

Between minutes 63 and 68 were fatal for him Canary, given that Square managed to score two tries in the hands of Thomas Malanos and Pedro Bisio plus Manuel Nogués converted a penalty that led to them being put up on the scoreboard by 37-10. The excitement of the Rosario fans began to be noticed by passing the minutes shouting “Dale Campeón!”

When everything seemed like it was going to close with that result, Luciano Diluca placeholder image, who entered the second half, managed to score two tries in four minutes to La Plata, but they were not enough to turn the result around. When the match referee called the match over, the fans of Square invaded the field to celebrate the return of their beloved Atlético to the highest category of the URBA.


ATLÉTICO DEL ROSARIO (37): 1. Ezequiel Reyes, 2. Jeremías Aime, 3. Roberto Almeira, 4. Matías Kremer, 5. Octavio Capella, 6. Santiago Casals, 7. Lucas Malanos, 8. Valentín Tumosa, 9. Felipe Nogués, 22. Manuel Nogués, 11. Nicolás Casals, 12. Tomás Malanos (c), 13. Bautista Estellés, 14. Pedro Bisio, 15. Martín Elías.

Changes: Juan Manuel Ruiz by Ezequiel Reyes, Ezequiel Party by Jeremías Aime, Valentín Marciali by Roberto Almeira, Federico Mayol by Valentín Tumosa, Facundo Elíaz by Felipe Nogués, Martín Rodríguez by Bautista Estellés and Lorenzo Zulatto by Martín Elías.

Trainers: Valentín Benítez

THE SILVER (20): 1. Ariel Del Cerro, 2. Iván Turdó, 3. Francisco Uriarte, 4. Valentín Ozog, 17. Guillermo Roán (c), 7. Manuel Dacal, 6. Carlos Mendieta, 8. Francisco Suárez Folch, 9. Homero Alegre, 10. Tomás Suárez Folch, 11. Valentín Cinti, 12. Antonio Baccadoro, 13. Iván Albina, 14. Facundo Panigatti, 15. Augusto Garcia Larcher.

Changes: Gonzalo PIzarro by Ariel Del Cerro, Nicolás Defelito by Francisco Uriarte, Justo Lundin by Manuel Dacal, Manuel García Mónaco by Homero Alegre, Manuel Arteche by Iván Albina and Luciano Diluca by Augusto García Larcher.

Trainers: Benjamin Tomaghelli, Sebastián Rondinelli, Esteban Durante.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 12 ‘Try by Manuel Nogués converted by Martín Elías (AR) and 32’ Try by Augusto García Larcher converted by Tomás Suárez Folch (LP).

Partial result: Atlético del Rosario 7-7 La Plata

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘Penalty converted by Manuel Nogués (AR), 7’ Penalty converted by Tomás Suárez Folch (LP), 12 ‘Penalty converted by Manuel Nogués (AR), 14’ Try by Nicolás Casals converted by Manuel Nogués (AR), 23 ‘Try by Tomás Malanos converted by Manuel Nogués (AR), 26’ Penalty converted by Manuel Nogués (AR), 28 ‘Try by Pedro Bicio converted by Manuel Nogués (AR), 38’ Try by Luciano Diluca (LP), 42 ‘ Try by Luciano Diluca (LP)

Final score: Atlético del Rosario 37-20 La Plata

WARNED: 81 ‘Manuel Nogués (AR)

REFEREE: Thomas Bertazza

BASKETBALL COURT: Atlético del Rosario