Buenos Aires and Misiones, the winners of the Women's Sevens of the Republic

This weekend the Women’s Republic Seven on Parana, where 12 provincial teams of the country, in the Senior and Youth category, faced each other in search of the Argentine champions, and Buenos Aires and Misiones became champions by defeating Tucumán 24-19 and 19-17, two-time defending champion, respectively.

At the El Plumazo del Paraná Students Club, and in the annex La Tortuguita de Paraná Rowing, the eliminatory stage of the 5th Seven of the female Republic, in its versions for Seniors and Youth. A total of 24 teams compete between both categories.

On Sunday the decisive instance of the Seven of the Republic took place. The first match was played between Jujuy and Salta, with victory for the former in the Semifinals of the Bronze Cup from the Youth category. In the other semifinal, played at the same time, Andina beat Rosario 22-7. On the other hand, in Mayores, Rosario beat Oeste 19-0 and Austral won the match against Entre Ríos 15-7.

In the silver cupThe action began with the semifinals of the Youth, with Alto Valle’s 21-5 victory over Buenos Aires, and the Senior, with Andina’s 29-0 victory over Salta. This instance was completed in the next round by Alto Valle’s 10-5 defeat against Nordeste in the Youth category and Córdoba’s 10-5 defeat against Austral in Seniors. In the second semis tournament, Buenos Aires beat Cuyo 29-5 in Seniors and Misiones beat Entre Ríos 33-0 in Juniors.

On the other hand, the gold Cup He resumed after the break with the semifinals Tucumán – Córdoba in Seniors and Tucumán – Oeste in Juveniles. It was a victory for the two teams from Tucumán, 22-5 over Cordoba and 25-7 before West.

With all the semis defined, it was the turn of the matches for third place in the Silver Cup and the Bronze Cup. The last of these had as winners Entre Ríos, who defeated West 36-10 in Seniors and Rosario, who defeated Jujuy 20-0, in Juveniles. On the Silver Cup side, Austral took third place in the youth team by defeating Buenos Aires 24-0, while Alto Valle did the same in the majors, defeating Salta 21-0.

The finals of the Bronze Cup and the Silver Cup were played after the definitions for third place. In the youth category, Andina beat Salta 22-10 for the Bronze Cup, while Alto Valle beat Córdoba 35-10 in the Silver final.

Regarding the Gold finals, in the Seniors category, Buenos Aires beat Tucumán 24-19 in overtime, while in the Youth division, Misiones also beat Tucumán 19-17.

Fixture – Day 2

Fixture – Day 1

Source: UAR