Rosario Central vs.  River Plate - Game Report - November 28, 2021

( – River, brand new champion of Argentine soccer, premiered the title obtained last date with an entertaining 2-2 draw against Rosario Central, for date 23 of the Professional Soccer League.

The goals of the match were converted by Marco Ruben (28 and 58 minutes) and by Agustín Palavecino (68 and 75 minutes).

Central was superior to River for a good part of the game, and managed to put himself in the lead with justice at 28 minutes of play, after a great goal from Marco Ruben, who put the ball between Armani’s legs for 1 to 0 .

The Scoundrels were better against a River that, it seemed, came to this meeting more relaxed after celebrating the championship last Thursday, after beating Racing 4-0.

Armani appeared a couple of times to save the Millionaires, who suffered from Vecchio’s good appearances, Ruben’s forcefulness and the deployment of the entire team.

Thus, in the complement, the second goal of the Rosario arrived, after a great collective move and a center that Ruben, with a head, transformed into 2 to 0.

The game was back and forth, because Central did not take refuge in victory and kept looking, while River with his style, and showing why he is the champion, went for the discount. And the group of Núñez found it, through Palavecino.

First, Julián Alvarez enabled the former Platense to take a low shot at the edge of the large area that left goalkeeper Romero without a chance. The game was 2 to 1 and anything could happen.

And a while later, again Palavecino with a great shot from outside the area nailed the ball at an angle for the final 2 to 2.

The midfielder Emmanuel Ojeda was going to be expelled at 13 from the end, and Central, already with 10, resigned himself to maintaining the tie that in any case adds to his illusion of entering the South American Cup.

River kept looking, but could not reach Romero’s goal with danger. The two, in short, ended up satisfied.

El Millonario celebrated the championship and extended the unbeaten streak to 18 games without defeats; Central left with a bittersweet flavor, but he drew a draw from the champion and Ruben, with his two conquests, became the club’s top historical shooter, with 99 goals.