Stephen Fulton es nuevo campe贸n unificado s煤per gallo al vencer a Brandon Figueroa por decisi贸n mayoritaria

Stephen Fulton became unified super bantamweight champion of the CMB and of the OMB after being imposed by majority decision to Brandon figueroa, after a real war at the Park Theater Las Vegas.

After 12 close rounds and a fight that could go anywhere, Fulton he kept two of the cards, 116-112; while the third was a 114-114 draw, for his triumph that keeps him as champion of the OMB and crowns him the new monarch of the CMB.

In the first round, the studio classic, Fulton He hit his right hand at least twice and made contact in the face of Figueroa. It was an episode in which there were some moorings and a couple of calls for attention from the referee. Russell Mora to Figueroa by blows to the neck.

Brandon I was going forward looking to connect to Fulton, who took advantage of the moorings to release the right and hit his rival with an uppercut, who did not stop throwing blows, but without connecting in the desired way.

In the third round the duel continued at close range. Both glued to the ropes and where they sought to do damage with combinations. Fulton more effective, who repeated the punishment with uppers and lefts that hurt a Figueroa that he would not stop throwing blows.

The speed at the stroke of Fulton did harm to Figueroa, who received a straight back and a left hook, but continued with his plan to go to the front and seek punishment to the soft areas of Stephen.

The exchange of blows was intense in the fifth round, Brandon that continued with the impacts to the body, but the opponent’s counterattacks were lethal, who returned to connect with an uppercut to his rival.

The sixth was the best round of Figueroa until that moment, especially when he released a combination of hooks and uppers that hurt his opponent, which was not far behind and repeated with the left in the face of his opponent.

The cries of “Mexico, Mexico” echoed in the building to support the son of Mexican parents, in a battle where no one gave a truce.

In the eighth round Brandon figueroa landed an uppercut and hook combination that hurt Fulton, which took advantage of the first to go with everything in search of his opponent, take him against the ropes and release both hands forcefully.

The fight looked very even, in the short distance in the center of the ring and give and take, with the incessant pressure of Figueroa and the immediate response of Fulton.

In the tenth round, both were still in great physical condition. Brandon who got the best part in the second part of the round with a combination that sent his opponent back and brought him back against the ropes to punish him over and over again.

Brandon he was tireless, he pursued Fulton around the ring in the eleventh round looking to corner him, but the elusive opponent responded with good counterattacks.

In the last turn both of them surrendered as in the whole fight, with Figueroa to attack and accurate impacts, and Fulton moving around the ring and he hit the uppercut again. Both were hurt, connected and left everything in the hands of the judges, two of whom saw win to Fulton to keep the two titles.

The new unified champion was left with a record of 20-0, 8 by knockout, while Figueroa he now has a professional record of 22-1-1, 17 before the limit, and lost his undefeated step.