La opinión de Teófimo López papá a la derrota de su hijo

The dad of Teofimo Lopez assured that the divided decision in favor of George Kambosos It was a robbery and he claimed that he saw his son win by unanimous decision.

“It was a complete robbery,” he said in an interview with SecondsOut after losing the belts of the WBA, WBO and FIB. “We dictated the fight from the beginning, being aggressive, taking all those points. Everyone knows what happened, everyone says he won 9-3, 10-2. All the arena saw it and it was disgusting. “

Kambosos he defeated him by cards of 115-112 and 115-111 in favor of him, while the other judge saw win 114-113 to Theophimus.

“For me, (my son) won by unanimous decision, but you can put him 10-2, 9-3, for the knockdown,” said the father of the Honduran boxer. “We are all going to fill arenas for him and that is all that concerns us.”

However, as the fight progressed, Lopez father told his son that he was winning and never asked him to hit the gas.

After that in the 10th round Theophimus knocked down Kambosos, the Australian was the one who closed the fight better in the championship rounds.

“We shouldn’t have fought with DAZN, we should have stayed with Top rank, because those people really love us ”, he pointed out. “So we will go back with Top rank and two payouts per event the following year, and then the fight with ESPN. Everyone knows what happened ”.

Teófimo López and his dad

Teófimo López will move up the division

Now, Teofimo Lopez He will leave the 135-pound division to go up to 140, since in recent years he had trouble putting the weight down.

“There will be no revenge, man,” said the father of Teo. “My mistake was leaving my son at 135 pounds for a long time. We’ll go up to 140 pounds, get a fight in February, and then face Josh taylor. This does not change anything ”.

“I don’t blame my son for anything,” he said. “We have been at 135 pounds this year and it is time to move on.”