Stephen Fulton es el nuevo campeón unificado al derrotar a Brandon Figueroa

Brandon figueroa did not recognize the triumph of Stephen Fulton and assured that he suffered the robbery of the year, after falling by majority decision in the Park theater las vegas and lose his super bantamweight title CMB.

“I think it’s the robbery of the year,” he said bluntly. Figueroa. “The fans know who won, the people who saw know who won the fight.”

While interviewing Fulton after receiving the WBC super bantamweight title and defending that of the WBO, Figueroa he interrupted to assure himself that he had won.

“I pressed the 12 rounds,” said the son of Mexicans. “I want to do it, but I think I was robbed, I want revenge.”

After 12 rounds of a very close fight, two judges gave the victory 116-112 to Fulton, while the third tied 114-114 for the victory of the unified champion by majority decision.

“Thanks to God, because without him nothing is possible ”, began Fulton his interview in the ring. “Thanks to my team, Al haymonIt was a war, a very tough fight ”.

But he was immediately interrupted by Figueroa, who questioned him: “Do you think you won the fight?”, to which the monarch replied: “It was a close fight.”

After 12 attempted rounds, the fight continued with the statements of both, because Figueroa told him that everyone knew who had won, and Fulton He replied: “I won.”

Stephen fulton and Brandon Figueroa

Brandon Figueroa’s annoyance with Stephen Fulton for alleged robbery

Figueroa He continued with his verbal attacks by asserting that he proposed the contest all the time, attacked and that for that reason he deserved to have the belts in his power.

“I got you in trouble like five or six times, everyone knows who won,” he said. Figueroa, who looked frustrated. “I think I won because I put the pressure on all 12 rounds.”

Fulton, who boasted his two world crowns, replied that those who saw him win were his followers, at the time of stating that he landed the clearest blows.

“It is your fans who saw you win,” he said. Fulton. “I was connecting it while trying to throw punches at me, I’m going to watch the fight again, but it was a close fight. I threw many more clear shots ”.

“We can do it again, we are going to do it,” he concluded. Stephen Fulton, while Brandon figueroa He told him that he is willing, “I am not afraid of you”.