Papá de Tommy Fury tiene sospechas que Jake Paul se está dopando

The dad of Tommy fury hinted at his suspicions that Jake paul he would be doping for the fight on December 18.

“Recently in the contract with Jake paul, refused to take voluntary anti-doping tests with VADA“, said John fury in a video of Twitter. “If in my opinion you refuse to do something, you are guilty. We are not denying any of the anti-doping tests. So be a man Jake and signature for evidence. But if you don’t, it doesn’t matter to us because we’ll win you anyway ”.

John fury He also ruled that, on their part, they are not refused to take any type of test for the fight with Jake paul. But he does not think that in the corner of his rival they are calm, because he considers that they are doping.

“That seems to me in very bad taste,” he said. “If you want to do a world-class, elite match, you can’t refuse to do this. We have always done it. They can test the Fury any day. I tell them that Tommy It has nothing to hide”.

For Fury, seeing his attitude at the press conference, as well as his current physique, raised suspicions of an alleged use of steroids by the YouTuber.

Tyson and Tommy Fury

“I don’t know if I can say the same about Jake paul”He continued. “The other day at the conference he didn’t take off his glasses and I don’t know, but the eyes say a lot about a person. Now he has also grown a big beard, but people will know what I mean ”.

Despite your suspicions, John is confident that the power of fists Tommy help defeat him in Tampa.

“I want to tell people with this video that it is illegal to use steroids and if he is using them to gain advantage in this fight, I feel bad for him,” he said. “Tommy He has a lot of power in his fists and he will end up showing it in the fight. In the end, we are not interested in whether he is using them or not, because we will win the fight ”.

Tommy will look to extend his mark as a professional boxer to 8 wins, while Jake will make his fifth fight in boxing. The YouTuber arrives after beating Tyron woodley in a close split decision last August.

For its part, Tommy will make his return after beating Anthony Taylor in a four-episode bout that was co-starring in the fight of Jake.