URBA Top 12: the Intermediate and Pre-Intermediate finals were defined

The semifinals of the Pre-intermediate A, B and URBA Top 12 Intermediate and the definitions in the categories were defined. The San Isidro Club, waiting for the semifinals in the First, will be present in the three categories, where they will face Alumni, CUBA and Belgrano respectively.

Bolougne’s club got the pass to define all URBA Top 12 tournaments after beating very tightly against CUBA by 33-30 in Intermediate. While in Pre A he faced the rival with whom he will do so in the semifinals of the First, Hindu, and beat him 25-9. On the Pre B side, La Zanja achieved an agonizing victory against the Villa de Mayo team, again, 25-23.

Alumni had his joy in the category Intermediate, where he defined his place in the final nothing more and nothing less than before Belgrano. Those of Little turtles they achieved a triumph for 22-19 in a meeting that had all the spices of a classic and where Bautista Canzani He dressed as a hero by converting the penalty that drew definitive deferences in the last minute.

On the other hand, CUBA got the pass to the definition in the Pre-intermediate A thanks to the victory for 30-23 upon Alumni. Those of May Village they managed to prevail from the start and managed to control a very complicated game. The defense was one of the key points in a final where those of Little turtles they had managed to gain prominence in the rival field.

Finally, in Preintermedia B, Belgrano brought out all his best rugby and beat Hindu by 34-25. The meeting was very even, but the Brown he always stayed up on the scoreboard. The first half is over 14 to 10. Despite the push from the team Don Torcuato, the good use with the foot of Belgrano’s opening, who converted two penalties from the middle of the court, allowed the victory over Elephant.



SIC – Alumni




SIC- Belgrano