What will Robinson Cano's next chapter be on the Mets?

The Dominican reaches 39 years of age returning from a second suspension to an organization with several changes compared to his beginnings in the franchise

The 2022 season of the New York Mets will begin with many new faces, both on the field and off, but also an old acquaintance returns who after several years is still looking for his role in the team.

The arrival of Robinson Cano In 2019 the Queens team was one that created many expectations that remained to be met, due to suspensions and the occasional injury.

But what will the role of the Dominican second baseman be for the Mets next season?

Analyzing the current situation, it seems that Cano, 39, would have to move to the antechamber, a position he has played in just two games in his major league career.

It was speculated that “the infielder”, as the Mets themselves have referred to Canó, that he would use these Dominican winter ball games as preparation to play defense, perhaps in the anteroom, but unfortunately his back took him off the roster, after playing just six games with seven singles in 25 at-bats with five RBIs.

With a possible New York team lineup that includes a recently signed Eduardo Escobar and Jeff McNeil at second base, and with the possibility that the organization has an interest in retaining Javier Báez, despite the interest of other teams. that include organizations of the American League, the spaces for the Dominican are reduced.

And things do not stop here, since according to reports the Mets will continue to seek to strengthen the defense (with more players from the infield?) Which could mean more competition for Canó.

There would also be the possibility of the incorporation of the designated hitter in the National League, which would open another tentative space for the player who still has two seasons left on his contract for an amount of $ 48 million dollars.

The ideal, for both Canó and the Mets, is that the Dominican can recover from his back problems, remain active in LIDOM, preparing for whatever the scenario, since until the team gets a leader, a search that has extremely difficult result, we will have no idea of ​​the petromacorisano’s immediate future in the Major Leagues.