Estás fuera de la realidad; mírate la cara: George Kambosos reclama a Teófimo que no reconozca derrota

George Kambosos He invited Teofimo Lopez to admit defeat and to see how his face turned out after the Australian defeated Lopez by split decision. In the interview on the ring, Theophimus said he won 10 of the 12 rounds.

“Look, you have to get over it, brother,” he said. Kambosos to Theophimus head-on in the interview on the ring. “You are a bit out of touch with reality. I have the belts. I won the fight. Look at your face. But I respect you. I came here, I gave you your respect in the ring. I won the fight. I have the belts. Get over it, and let’s do it again in Australia. Let’s do it again!”

The Australian says he never stopped believing in himself, and that this was key to becoming the new undisputed lightweight champion.

“I said it all week,” he noted. Kambosos. “I never stopped believing in myself. I bet on me. I said it over and over. They may not believe in me, but I do believe in me. And look at me now, I won all the belts. I am not the king, I am the four kings. Let them come to my country to find, we will take away, one by one ”.

The right with which Kambosos knocked down Teofimo in the first round

Kambosos surprised from the first round, with a brutal right hand that sent to the canvas Theophimus.

Cus D’Amato he said it when Muhammad Ali fought with Joe frazier“, He recalled Kambosos. “A great puncher Joe frazier, and he said put the best right hand you can in the beginning, and you’re going to change the whole fight. And that was in my head and in my mentality: hit him clean, hit him hard, and I sent him to the canvas. The fight changed after that.

Kambosos ensures that he worked hard in preparation for the fight.

“My team and I worked amazingly at this camp,” he said. Kambosos. “It just got better and better, and better. We learned more and more. I never took my foot off the gas. If you don’t believe in yourself, you are not going to get this fight. Bet on yourself, believe in yourself. All my respect for Theophimus. He’s a good young and competitive guy, but it was my night and it’s going to be for a long time. “

The new lightweight world champion by the AMB, the FIB, the OMB and the franchise title of CMB, also spoke of when Theophimus he dropped him in the 10th round.

“I was trying to entertain the fans too much,” he acknowledged. Kambosos. “I wanted to show my feints, my condition, my movements, I felt amazing, but I tried to entertain the fans a little bit more, and it connected me. I didn’t worry, I got up again, against all odds, went back to the fight, and won the next round. He was not hurt. In the next rounds I’m going to punish this boy, and I did. I beat him the next two rounds. But my respects to him, he is a great champion. He beat Vasiliy Lomachenko, but I am the best fighter ”.

On what’s next in his career, George Kambosos issued a respectful challenge to Devin Haney who will fight next weekend against JoJo Diaz.

“My respect for Devin Haney“, said Kambosos. “I wish him luck next week, he will probably be present at his fight. But now I am focused on enjoying this, I have three children, and I have not had time to mourn my grandfather who passed away two weeks ago. I want to Theophimus enjoy your child, that’s the most important thing. It is more important than belts ”.