Canelo está tranquilo; le vale maiz: Erik Morales no ve a Saúl Álvarez preocupado por agradar a todos

If they face Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Ilunga Makabu The conditions would have to be analyzed to see how the fight would be, but if it is done and the Mexican wins it would mean a lot for Latin American boxing, he considered Erik morales.

“We would have to see the conditions of the fight,” said the Terrible in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I understand that at first glance the weight is very uneven, very uneven.”

Canelo he wants a title in a fifth division. And cruiserweight is his next target, particularly that of the World Boxing Council where it reigns today Ilunga Makabu. If the African does not give advantages in the weight, it would be complicated for the Mexican, he sentenced.

“If the fight were at cruiserweight it would be very difficult for Canelo“, He commented Erik morales. “Against an opponent who carries a lot of weight at the time of the fight, his blows would hardly have much power against a fighter of these capacities. (Makabu) is used to receiving blows from mastodons ”.

Weight conditions will be crucial in Canelo vs Makabu, according to Morales

After the challenge of Canelo Much has been speculated on at what weight the fight would take place. The Mexican said he could reach 180 pounds and the champion made it clear that he would not give any advantage in that regard. The Terrible reiterated that if the fight were on an equal footing it would be difficult for Saul.

“It would be necessary to see details, what are the conditions for the fight to take place,” commented the Terrible. “From there we can make deductions of how the fight will be. I understand that they are confidential and we will hardly be aware of the circumstances. If it were on an equal footing, one would have to think that it is very difficult to face such a heavy rival ”.

What the Tijuana native assured is that if he achieves a victory, the Canelo He would achieve something historic for boxing in his country and in Latin America.

“Winning it would mean a lot for Mexican and Latin American boxing,” he said. Terrible. “We are not many world champions in four divisions, but we have. It would be a great record for Mexico ”.

“Canelo is calm, he is worth ‘corn'”, assures the Terrible

He recalled that for some years now, everything he plans has been going well for the man from Guadalajara, which is why he is considered among the best in the world, and this challenge could be one of his achievements.

“I think it is always pleasant for each fighter to have challenges and a reason to fight,” he concluded. Erik morales. “More when you are making a lot of money, more when it seems that everything you do is given to you. It is a great motivation I imagine for him to face a new challenge ”.

Finally, whether or not the fans believe the Canelo It is something that the undisputed super middleweight champion seems to care less, because he does what he likes and they pay him very well.

“I see Canelo very calm in that part, he is worth corn “, concluded the Terrible. “The most important thing of all is to do what you like and how you like. Whether they believe you or not, it is more or less, they pay you, what is the problem? “