Faitelson dio sus motivos para no considerar a Canelo como el mejor boxeador de la actualidad

David faitelson, analyst of ESPN, explained his reasons for not considering Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez like boxer number one Pound for pound.

The journalist assured that there is no defined criterion to choose the best Pound for pound. But if it were for what the Mexican has achieved by becoming the undisputed champion of 168 pounds, he is undoubtedly the best of today.

“It will be necessary to note the Canelo as a marvelous feat, “he said David in the program To the blows. “To win all the 168-pound belts and rise as the absolute champion, as the only champion. Show supremacy over your rivals, adapt very well to weight conditions and have won titles in different categories. If we go to that, it is the Canelo”.

However, the criterion that has Faitelson he is another and it is for that reason that he does not have the boxer from Guadalajara at the top of his list.

“But if we go to what to me, in my opinion is the best pound for pound in the world, for me the best is the one who attacks the best, the one who defends the best, the one who best takes the blows, the one who best walks towards behind, the one who best throws punches from different angles, the one who is intelligent to plan the fight he needs and adjust on top of the ring, “he added.

Using that criterion is like David faitelson concluded that Canelo not the best Pound for pound of the present, after Terence crawford knocked out Shawn porter.

“Because finally, if there is a manager and the managers are important, but in the end the one who is receiving the blows is the boxer and the one who can make those adjustments is himself,” he said. “And understand and read the fight. For me, the most complete of all is Terence Crawford, above Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez ”.

Terence Crawford and Canelo Álvarez

The best Libra for Libra is not Canelo Álvarez, according to David Faitelson

Terence crawford had one of his best performances on November 20 against Shawn porter. After a slow start, he improved and managed to get the knockout in the 10th round.

For its part, Canelo Alvarez he fought four times in less than a calendar year to become the first unified 168-pound champion.