George Kambosos, nuevo campeón mundial de peso ligero

George Kambosos I consider that Teofimo Lopez he was shocked when he said he had clearly won the fight, in which he snatched his belts WBA, FIB and OMB Lightweight.

“I think he was somewhat shocked, he received a lot of blows that night,” he said. Kambosos to “Yes, I think he was a bit shocked, something out of the question. It is what it is”.

George he won by decision divided by cards of 115-111 and 115-112 in his favor. Both judges handed him eight of the 12 rounds. The other judge scored 114-113 in favor of Lopez.

However, the decision did not please Teofimo Lopez nor his father, who said they had been robbed and they had won at least 10 rounds of the fight.

Given this, Kambosos He does not agree that it was a close fight and reiterated that both saw something else than what actually happened in the ring.

“I really think the fight was not even close to be honest,” said the Australian boxer. “I had it with nine rounds for me and three for him. It is what it is, he will move to another division or do whatever he wants. For now I am very happy and focused with all these belts. The world saw what happened, the fans saw the fight. I think no one saw the fight for them beyond Teo and your dad”.

Kambosos knocked down Theophimus in the first round with a forehand fly. Little by little, the Australian continued to punish the Honduran fighter’s face and cut his left cheekbone.

I won the fight;  I won 10 or 11 rounds: Teófimo López does not admit defeat with George Kambosos
Photo: Ed Mulholland / Matchroom.

George Kambosos’s reaction to Teófimo López

Despite this, Teo bounced back in the 10th round and knocked down Kambosos. Given this, the new champion acknowledges that it was a distraction.

“I have to see it again,” he noted. “But if it weren’t for some silly mistakes I made in that 10th round and lost my composure a bit because I got carried away with emotion, it wouldn’t have hurt. I love fighting for the fans and putting on a great show for them, it was a fantastic victory for me. “

About the boos, Kambosos it is clear that they were for Teo and his father, since people knew that his attitude was not that of mature people who had just lost a world title match.

“I have nothing to say, to be honest,” he commented. “Everybody saw the fight. His own fans were booing him. That shows the kind of maturity he has as a fighter. But at the end of the day I am not going to disrespect him ”.