Joshua estaría dispuesto a hacerse a un lado para permitir Fury vs Usyk

Anthony Joshua assured that he would be willing to step aside so that the unifying fight between the heavyweight champions of Oleksandr Usyk vs Tyson fury, but everything would depend in the same way of money that they can offer it.

“In terms of stepping aside, I don’t know if that is in line with what it means morally,” he said. Joshua in an interview with iFL. “But I also want to be known as one of the smartest businessmen. I want to make the smart decisions and if the money is correct we would have to see it, but respect has more value than money ”.

Joshua he is emphatic in that he is open to step aside, if the economic amount that he is paid to do so is adequate. Nevertheless, AJ ensures that you will have to ask yourself a few questions first.

“‘Will I take the money to step aside?” AJ. “If it’s a smart business move… will it affect my reputation and respect? Will I keep fighting the best fighters? Those are the three things I have to consider ”.

What does Anthony Joshua look for in his future against Usyk and Fury?

Joshua He assured that what he seeks is to be a respected boxer in every way and to leave a legacy.

“At this stage of my career it’s not about money, it’s about respect,” he said. Joshua. “You have to look at what I want from this sport; number one is respect, I don’t have to like you, but you are going to respect me ”.

But Joshua He also hopes that they remember him as a fighter who did not shy away from anyone.

‘The second is to look like an old school fighter, “he says. AJ. “As someone who was willing to fight the best in his division, so that when I walk the streets with my son, my cousin and my nephews, people will know that I am a true fighter.”

Anthony made it clear that he has to be very analytical right now and make the right decision for his future in professional boxing.

Anthony Joshua talked about Usyk and Fury