La gente me quiere ver otras 5 o 10 peleas: Julio César Chávez Jr descarta retiro

Three weeks after returning to activity, Julio César Chávez Jr He assured that he still has good years in his professional career and ruled out a possible retirement. He is aware that on December 18 he must go out to knock out and convince the fans.

“I have no plans to retire, I feel young, I feel that I have time left in boxing,” he said. Chavez Jr, who ruled out retirement. “I know I have to take more care of myself. I think I have one more stage to live, that people want to see me another good 5 or 10 fights. I still have that stretch and I want to do my best ”.

He acknowledged at a press conference that in recent years there has been criticism for his performances. That is something that he wants to forget and demonstrate his qualities in the ring, sure that he must convince people.

“For one thing or another there is always something,” he accepted Chavez Jr. “That I don’t throw more punches, that I don’t knock out. We want to convince, to be more aggressive, to fight to knock out, is what we want, to give people spectacular fights. Going out to raffle us, with a lot of physical condition and concentrates ”.

Chávez Jr assures that he has good years left in boxing before retirement

The son of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez He will reappear on December 18 against the Peruvian David Zegarra. He hopes that his appearances in the ring are constant and show that he still has good years as a boxer.

“I want to be active, focused on the box, I have good years left,” he said. Chavez Jr. “I have to take care of myself as what I am, an athlete who has the best years left, but they have to be well cared for.”

He reiterated that the defeats he had against rivals such as Anderson Silva, Mario Abel Cázares or the same Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez They were due to various circumstances. Now, Chavez Jr he has the opportunity to change and show his quality in the ring, before considering retirement.

“I have the opportunity to show that they were circumstances that happen,” he commented Chavez Jr. “Everything is that I want to fight, I am fighting to win. I have felt good, for one thing or another I think that I have not been to the liking of people. I am aware that I can give more, be more aggressive, throw more punches, that’s what people want ”.

Chavez Jr

More than championships, Chávez Jr looks for attractive fights

The only thing that thinks now Julio César Chávez Jr it’s in boxing. He is willing to return to the top and, if there is no possibility of a world title fight, he knows that there are fights that can be even more interesting than winning a championship.

“Today I think about boxing, I don’t want to think about anything else,” he added. “I want a title or important fights, sometimes the one who fights for a title, there are more attractive fights without championships.”

Of his return to the Peruvian David zegarra On December 18, he commented that he is an acceptable rival who will offer a good show for the fans.

“He is not a bad rival who comes to fall in 1 or 2 rounds,” he said. Chavez Jr. “I think I have the quality to beat him, because of my career that I have led I cannot take a rival so easy, he is fit and it will be a good show.”

Waiting to fight at least every six months and to return to activity in February or March, he knows that he is bound to win against Zegarra, without speaking of more and demonstrating his quality in the ring.

“I can’t talk much, but I’m going to fight, out of curiosity or because I lose or win, whatever they are going to see,” he concluded. “It is one of the last opportunities, I have to demonstrate and win clearly.”