The Club World Cup will be held from February 3 to 12 in the United Arab Emirates

The Club World Cup 2021 will be held in the United Arab Emirates from February 3 to 12, 2022, as decided by the FIFA bureau, hours before the draw is held in Zurich.

In the tournament they will participate Al Hilal (winner of the Asian Champions League), Al ahly (champion of the African Champions League), Monterrey (CONCACAF Champions League winner), Palmeiras (champion of the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores), Auckland City (elected by the OFC Executive for the cancellation of the Champions of Oceania by covid), Chelsea (UEFA Champions League champion) and Al Jazeera (winner of the Arab Gulf League).

FIFA also confirmed the format, dates and procedure for the draw for the Confederation of Oceania’s preliminary competition for the 2022 World Cup, in which nine teams will participate following the withdrawal of American Samoa and Samoa.

The format of the qualifying phase provides for a mini-tournament between eight teams, made up of a group phase, two semi-finals and a final. In addition, to obtain the right to participate in it, a single previous meeting will be played between the two worst-placed teams in the world ranking.

All the matches will take place in Qatar, in March 2022. The winner will face the fourth of Conmebol in one of the intercontinental play-offs in June 2022.

The Oceania competition, which since the end of 2019 could not have national team tournaments as a result of the pandemic due to current travel and quarantine restrictions, will be played from March 14 to 30, 2022 to guarantee a minimum of two rest days between the matches and before the first match as a consequence of the long displacement that the teams will have to make.