URBA: Newman beat already M20 champion, Pucará

In a very rough duel that was played in Benavidez, Newman beat Pucara, who had already been crowned champion of the URBA tournament in under 20, by 19 to 14.

On a gray and rainy afternoon, the locals tried to use the bad weather to their advantage and in the first half they managed to do so. Putting kicks to the bottom and looking for the error through defensive pressure, Newman managed to dominate. Quickly by opening, Menendez, and a penalty try gave the homeowners victory in forty minutes of the match.

The second half of the game was another story. Pucara He managed to accommodate to the bad weather and counteract the kicks to the bottom that they put on them, and in just a few minutes by force of the forwards they reached the first try of the match. Despite being down on the result, those of Burzaco they did not stop looking for triumph. On the other hand, those of Benavidez capitalized points in the few arrivals that had the rival ingoal. Coming to the final minutes Pucara He accelerated to take the victory but a good defense from Newman denied them.


NEWMAN (19): 1. From Elizalde 2. Granato 3. Salese 4. Dupont 5. Lascombes 6. Espinosa 7. Dodds 8. Terrado, Marcos 9. Torello 10. Menéndez 11. Bosch 12. Berton Moreno 13. Nava 14. Vela 15. Elizalde.

PUCARA (14): 1. Fernandez Kalysz, Felipe 2. Chimenti Borrell, Tomas 3.Albanese, Tomas 4. Romero, Juan Segundo 5. Lacal Del Campo, Mateo Ignacio 6. Gambier Campagne, Facundo 7. Ballone, Bautista Mariano 8. Rossi Serra Lafluf, Polo 9. Marelli, Pedro 10. Berti, Facundo 11. Forgia, Martiniano 12. Dousdebes, Francisco 13. Prebble, Guillermo Edwin 14. Rodríguez Campbell, Ulises 15. Alonso, Joaquin.

Changes: ST: 0 ‘Segovia, Leonardo by Chimenti Couceiro, 10’ Ramiro Javier by Albanese, 15 ‘Barla, Felipe by Berti 15’ Hernan, Valentin by Forgia 20 ‘Cid, Santiago by Alonso

FIRST TIME POINTS: 13 ‘penalty by Menéndez (N), 18’ penalty by Newman, 38 ‘penalty by Menéndez (N)

PARTIAL RESULT: Newman 13 – Pucará 0.

POINTS SECOND TIME: 1 ‘try by Leonardo Segovia converted by Francisco Dousdebes (P), 4’ penalty converted by Menéndez (N), 22 ‘try by Ulises Rodríguez converted by Francisco Dousdebes (P), 32’ penalty converted by Menéndez (N).

FINAL SCORE: Newman 19 – Pucará 14.