“Andy Ruiz solo comía Snickers y noqueó a Joshua”: Tyson Fury asegura que ciencia deportiva no sirve

Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the CMB, assured that sports science is useless in boxing and gave an example to Andy ruiz who defeated at the time Anthony Joshua and snatched his belts.

“In boxing, computing and technology I don’t think it works,” he said. Tyson fury in a Instagram Live to his fans. “When you look at people like Anthony Joshua that follows all those rules, scientific rules, numbers on a screen and all that. And then you look at Andy ruiz who did nothing but eat Snickers for the full two weeks that he had and went in there and knocked him out (a Joshua) “.

The same way Tyson fury assured that Andy ruiz, he also did not train for the rematch against Joshua and still it came to the decision.

“He probably didn’t even train for the rematch and took it the distance,” he added. Fury. “So there are a lot of things to say that all the numbers and stuff, science really doesn’t work in boxing.”

“I’m fat, bald and I always win,” says Tyson Fury in the style of Andy Ruiz

The english champion Tyson fury made it clear that he will continue to train in the old school and will not get involved in the use of technological devices.

“There are a lot of fighters who suggest that,” he argued. “I don’t do any of that nonsense with computers, numbers on a screen and all that.”

In the same way, he explained that he is a clear example of this situation, since many people say that he is never in shape.

“Take me for example,” he said Fury. “I’m fat, I’m bald, people say I’m out of shape. But nevertheless, I always win. So obviously that means fuck everyone. “