Evans: "It is not fair to change player an hour before"

Briton Daniel Evans, number 25 in the ATP ranking, was “happy” with his performance against German Peter Gojowczyk, whom he beat 6-2 and 6-1 in just 55 minutes, and declared that he played “a very solid game. that he made many mistakes “to his rival in the first match of the Davis Cup quarter-final tie. Even so, he had complaints with the regulations.

Evans overwhelmingly beat Gojowczyk, world number 86, in a duel in which the German committed seven double faults, to none of the British, and was unable to break a single serve.

“It was not his best game but I have also contributed to it not being so. I caught the second serve early and made him commit double faults. I knew he had not played the Davis Cup in a long time and I used it to my advantage.” Evans said at a press conference.

“In today’s game I went back to basics and played very solid tennis. Some days you need to play incredibly well and you lose and today, calmly, I played well and had fun,” he said.

The British tennis player he was annoyed because until an hour before the game I thought I would play Dominik Koepfer instead of Peter Gojowczyk.

“I don’t think it’s fair to change the player an hour before. I think it should be said the night before, but that’s my opinion. A tennis player cannot prepare to play against two people. I thought he would play against Koepfer and I prepared for it. I think. that it would be better if we knew in advance who we are going to face “, concluded.