Robert Garcia noted that Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, Gervonta davis and Vasyl Lomachenko could defeat George Kambosos without being too agitated.

Although many believed otherwise, Garcia he was not surprised by the performance of Kambosos against Teofimo Lopez. He said that several boxers have a chance to overcome it.

“It was an incredible fight,” he commented. Robert Garcia to ESNEWS. “They both went in there to put up a great fight, but yeah, no one expected me to win. Kambosos “.

For Garcia the triumph of Kambosos for the place that Teofimo Lopez it had been earned.

“Teofimo looked sensational when he became world champion, knocking out Richard Commey“, he pointed Robert Garcia. “Theophimus, immediately, he transformed into a superstar. Then he beat Lomachenko, which was the best pound for pound in the world. Everybody put to Theophimus as the best lightweight today, as if he could beat any of the best. “

That was why, in the opinion of Garcia, Kambosos he went as underprivileged to the fight.

“They never thought that Kambosos I had a chance against him, “said the coach. “Now that he beat it, I think it was because Theophimus He fought the wrong way. His mind was focused on a knockout in the first round. He threw punches too hard, to be able to knock him out. Throughout the fight, his father was pressuring him to knock out the rival. He pressured him to get a knockout. So, I think he fought the wrong way. They made mistakes. Theophimus he was wrong. Kambosos he took advantage and took the victory ”.

Garcia saw errors in Theophimus that cost him the fight.

“It is not because Kambosos be better, it’s because Theophimus he fought wrongly, ”he said. “He looked for a hit, and Kambosos he took advantage of it. That is what everyone sees. I think I probably agree with that look from the fight. “

I won the fight;  I won 10 or 11 rounds: Teófimo López does not admit defeat with George Kambosos
George Kambosos next to Teofimo Lopez, after the failure of the fight.

Robert García nominated rivals who would beat Kambosos

Without batting an eye, Robert Garcia parsed name by name. He was encouraged to give a list of boxers who, in his vision, would defeat George Kambosos.

Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, Gervonta davis or Lomachenko could beat Kambosos“, Warned the former boxer. “No, I’m not hating it. On the contrary, I am very happy for Kambosos. He obtained what he was looking for so much, but that is my truth ”.

While, Robert Garcia he opined on the weekend’s show. He smiled at the performance of George Kambosos.

“I believe that Kambosos he had the biggest victory of his career, so he’s going to enjoy it, ”he said. “I don’t think I’m the best lightweight out there to beat Theophimus. It was a great victory, but it doesn’t rank him as the best lightweight, at least for me. “