No dudo que Canelo llegue a número uno de la historia, pero hoy no lo es: Gallo Estrada pone a Chávez sobre Canelo

Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada does not believe that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez be the best Mexican fighter in history, above Julio Cesar Chavez, because he still has a few years of career to go. However, he does not doubt that Saul may come to occupy that place when he retires.

“It is not because of envy as people say, but today, Canelo It is not number one in the history of Mexican boxing, as many media put it, “said the Gallo Estrada in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I would say not. He has said that he still has three, four or five years to go in boxing, and he still has things to do. I have no doubt that it could become number one in the history of Mexico ”.

For him Gallo Estrada, the Canelo not yet unseat Julio Cesar Chavez as the best Mexican in history.

“TO Canelo they have known how to carry it, “he explained Estrada. “He, with his discipline and dedication, has shown that he can make history, but he still lacks to match Julio Cesar Chavez. Maybe the same Julio Cesar Chavez say what Canelo It is number one, but everyone and everyone knows that it is not. He still has many years of career to Canelo, and I can become, why not? As long as he continues to fight against the champions, and against whom people want to see him fight ”.

Gallo Estrada does think that Canelo is an idol

The Gallo Estrada he does consider that the Canelo Alvarez He is an idol, but the way in which he was carried at the beginning of his career means that he still has many detractors.

“I believe that Canelo is already an idol, “says the Rooster. “I believe that it is not his fault that a promoter or a television station caught him, and that they took him up to where he is. But he with his discipline and his desire, is where he is. If he hadn’t been disciplined, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is right now. “

A few weeks ago Jorge “Naughty” Maple said to LEFT PUNCH that the current Mexican champions do not connect as much with the Mexican fans, because they are not seen at the party, or with many women. That was something that Mexican boxing idols of the past did.

“A boxer or an athlete who is on the right track, without drugs, without alcohol, will have a good image,” he said. Estrada. “I give you the example of Julio Cesar Chavez. He is an idol because he was a great fighter in terms of his boxing, his technique, his record and everything. But you see the life he took outside of sports. And that is the little spot that we could put on him so that he is not a complete idol ”.

Estrada matches him Naughty Maple that the lifestyle of today’s Mexican champions has changed from that of past idols.

“The comment of Naughty was successful, because it is the truth, “said the Rooster. “Many people think that all boxers are going to be drunk, street, womanizer. And in today’s sport, the boxer who wastes his money, who takes to the streets to drink, is rare. I’m not saying they don’t, maybe many boxers do it, but it is already less, because they became aware of so many fighters, idols, who went to the streets or to misery for all that.

Why does Canelo have so many detractors?

The Gallo Estrada consider that the Canelo He has many detractors for the way his career was carried out at the beginning.

“I think that he Canelo has many detractors because a television station grabbed it, some promoter grabbed it, and they saw the Canelo as a business ”, argues Estrada. “The Canelo It is not his fault, because he said he was going to prepare for whatever champion he was ”.

In the opinion of Estrada, the promoter chose the rivals to Canelo, and when Saul he defeated them easily, people were unhappy.

“He was being put by rivals,” he explains. Estrada. “And as he was easily defeating them for his dedication and discipline, many people began to say that the television station protected him, that the promoter did not put good fighters on him.”

That has made many Mexican fans skeptical of the Canelo, and that they are hardly going to be convinced otherwise.

Canelo has fought with world champions, but people begin to say that such a champion did not look so good against Canelo as was seen with its previous rivals ”, says the Rooster. “What they don’t know is that Canelo He is not a fighter like that, he is a different style, and he is more dedicated ”.

For him Gallo Estrada, it is very difficult to convince all the people, even the greatest champions like Chavez or the Canelo now, they have their detractors.

“People are like that, they will always criticize even the best fighter,” he says. Estrada. “As I say, Chavez He was a great fighter, an idol, and there are people who continue to criticize him. Even the best fighter will be criticized. We never see people being happy ”.