Muguruza: "I would love to close the Slam circle"

Garbiñe Muguruza closed the season with the victory in the WTA Finals played in Guadalajara (Mexico), a trophy that crowned her as “Master” of women’s tennis. An achievement that was for a Spanish player for the first time in history.

The 28-year-old was able to enjoy it. He disconnected from the intensity caused by the circuit and now plans the start of a new season full of challenges. Garbiñe dreams big and his goal is to close the circle of Grand Slam titles (He still has to win the Australian Open and the United States).

“It’s always something I’ve wanted. Especially when I played the final in Australia last year, which is a Grand Slam tournament that I don’t have … yes, I would love to close the Slam circle … any tennis player, right? But it is a goal to have and to stay on top of tennis, competing for trophies. It is always my goal, “he told EFE.

“I never wanted to share my goals much just in case … now I am more open to honestly say that I would like to win this or another tournament, complete this, the other … I think it’s great. They are the goals that everyone dreams of. , I love them and I put pressure on myself but I think that’s good. As long as I dream big, it’s good that I feel pressure, “he confessed.

“The season of a tennis player is very long and neither does one look at it as if it were a mountain. He goes little by little, it is month by month, he goes on tours. One is well organized so that it does not become too heavy because it is true that it is extensive, but what goes, quite the opposite. More motivated than ever to go back to racing, to continue with this inertia that I have, which is very good, which is giving me many fruits, “she concluded.