Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz Jr He is part of the third generation of boxers in his family and he wants to have the honor of being the first world champion. He’s sure he can dethrone the favorite Gervonta davis and that will fulfill a dream.

“Since I was little it has been one of my dreams,” confessed the Pitbull in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “To be someone in life in sports, in boxing, in professionalism. We are about to fulfill a long-awaited dream that we have had every day ”.

The Pitbull He was introduced to boxing more than 15 years ago, when he was a child. There he began to dream of the title, which is close to becoming a reality, but it has cost him years of work and sacrifice.

“We have worked after several years, here are the results of all the sacrifice we have had,” said the Mexican boxer. “It has been 15 years since I started training for the first time. I have six years as a professional and we have a great opportunity against a great name ”.

Isaac Cruz will have his great World Cup chance against the American Gervonta davis.

The boxing lineage under which the Pitbull Cruz wants to be champion

The Pitbull He is not the only one in the family who has put on gloves. It all started with his grandfather William, then his dad, Isaac, and his uncles William and Edward. The last generation is his with his brother Diego “Demolisher” Cruz. Pitbull cross wants to be the first world champion.

In addition to fulfilling that family dream, the Pitbull wants to thank with his coronation the support of Manny Pacquiao Promotions, who extended his hand and gave him opportunities that have him in the anteroom of the world championship, whom he does not want to disappoint.

“A great company took us,” he said of his arrival to the promoter of the Philippine star. “They really saw my potential and have full confidence in me, we are not going to let them down.”

He made it clear that they work very comfortably with said company, grateful for the trust they give them, for which they want to thank him with the world title.

“It is very nice to work with them, they have confidence in me”, concluded the Pitbull. “We are very happy that we have a future to give a championship to Mexico and the company of Manny”.

Who is Isaac Cruz
The young promise in fulfillment Isaac Cruz next to the living legend Manny pacquiao.