Referee Darío Herrera denounced Lautaro Acosta for death threats

International referee Darío Herrera denounced Lanús striker Lautaro Acosta for an attempted physical attack followed by death threats after the match that “Granate” lost to Racing Club 3 to 1 for the Professional League, in a fact that went to the light this Tuesday.

In this context, Herrera, born in the Neuquén city of Andacollo 36 years ago, appeared last night, after the game played on the Racing field, at the 1st police station. de Avellaneda and filed a formal complaint against one of Lanús’ referents.

“I’m going to screw you up. You’re a superb shit. You’re corrupt, you’re in the fuck. If you lead us one more time, I’m going to kill you,” would have been the threat from “Laucha” Acosta to Herrera, in the changing room where the arbitration shortlist is changed, and when he was about to hit him, the police intervened to separate them.

The issue between the two began on the end of the match between Racing and Lanús, played on Monday night at the Cilindro, there was a strong crossover on the playing field between the referee and the Garnet captain. But the question did not stop there. and the denounced threat would have been produced in the locker room area, when Laucha approached the judge’s dressing room and there was another hard collision.

The situation did not go unnoticed by the National Director of Arbitration, Federico Beligoy, who expressed his concern about what happened.

“These are situations that exceed the normal, they do not occur often, they are incredible, After the fact, Darío contacted me to update me and let me know what he was going to do, he told me that he would denounce Lautaro Acosta,” Beligoy said in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Acosta had already had a cross with Herrera after the last classic against Banfield. There was already a record and there was a quarrel with the judge. Two months ago, in an informal interview, the striker had been subjected to a question-and-answer ping pong session and when they asked him about the worst referee, he did not hesitate: “Herrera … There’s not much fun, heh …”.