Stephen Curry is the best player in the world

Stephen Curry starts his warm-up routine. Work with two balls at the same time. The look to the front, the straight back and the concentration as a roadmap. The dribbling is maddening and addictive: first vertical and then oblique, with a change of hands at the catch. The eyes of the audience stop at the scene: that permanent bounce, that fascinating technique of accelerated kineticism, causes an unprecedented sensation. The balls go, they come, they return: two lovers who exchange glances and then lose themselves in the infinity of the night.

Curry laughs now. An illusionist who models his arts, who understands that what he does is unique. The Rosetta Stone of the remote launch. Know, in its display of wonder, its ruthless pragmatism. He knows himself superior without falling into arrogance: it is an impregnable reality that translates into confidence. He starts with his shooting routine and moves further and further away. Ten centimeters, twenty, one meter, two, three, five. In their hands rests the dream of the first heroes of this sport: to have the ability to inflate the nets from anywhere, whatever, without rigid procedures or physical limitations.