George Kambosos believes that the rematch fight against Teofimo Lopezprecisely because Lopez does not want to do it.

“I heard what you said this morning,” he said Kambosos to Boxing Scene. “He doesn’t want to know anything about a rematch. She wants to spend time with her newborn son, take some time off, and that will be fine. “

In the interview on the ring, Kambosos he told Theophimus to have a rematch, but Lopez he refused over and over again.

“Last night I told him in the ring (about a rematch),” he said. Kambosos. “(Teofimo) was not convinced. It doesn’t bother me anymore, because I have to sit down with my team and see what sense it makes. I know he has a lot to fix right now. He has to recover, rest. It had a lot of damage ”.

George Kambosos knocked down Teofimo Lopez with its overwhelming force. Will there be revenge between the two?

Kambosos wants his revenge with Teofimo, but must recover

The undefeated stressed that he also needs to rest and recover from his last fight. He does not rule out returning to activity soon, but he needs to think about it.

“I have to heal a bit,” he explained. “Although, I want to be in the gym again, even today. We will see. There are many good names, but the best thing about this is that I already have all the belts. I am the one who decides, I am the one who can choose ”.

Kambosos close the door to more fights with Teofimo López.

“I want the best. I want the best fights, I am not going to duck or dodge anyone, “he said. Kambosos. “There could be something higher up. I came this weekend to do my work and take off the belt. Whatever you do with the rest of your career, I wish you the best. I don’t know if we will cross our paths again. If it goes up to 140, I hope he wins as much as he can there. If this is the end of my road with Lopez, I will support it. I hope he supports me ”.