Gervonta davis faced several Mexican boxers in his career, to which he will join Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, who wants to end his undefeated.

The trajectory of Davis tank looks almost perfect after almost nine years of career. He has won his 25 fights and in 24 he has knocked out. It was, precisely, a Mexican who endured the entire route, although it was only six rounds.

German Meraz He was the first Mexican who was in a ring with Davis, on October 8, 2014. He surpassed him by unanimous decision after six episodes.

On May 22, 2015, it was measured with Alberto Mora, who he demonstrated his punching power by knocking him out 1:14 into the first round.

Gervonta He closed 2015 with two fights against Mexicans. Christopher Cruz and Luis Sanchez they were his rivals. He finished them before the limit, in the third and eighth rounds. In 2016 he only had two fights, against the Mexicans Guillermo Avila and Mario Antonio Macias. He finished them in six and one round, respectively.

Already as world champion, the Davis tank exhibited for the first time the super featherweight championship of the AMB in view of Hugo “Cuatito” Ruiz at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. He destroyed it in a single round.

After controlling the round, in the final seconds Davis He hit a powerful right to Ruiz, who could not bear the punishment and put his knee on the canvas, before the referee stopped the fight.

On October 31, 2020 he faced his last Mexican rival, Leo Santa Cruz, for the super featherweight champion of the AMB. He snatched it from him by knocking him out on the sixth lap at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Davis led the ropes to Santa Cruz earthquake and he shook him with a violent and lethal uppercut, enough to end the fight and claim that scepter again.

It will be this Sunday when Davis tank facing his ninth Mexican rival, the Pitbull cross, which also has a respectable punch and will seek to surprise to end the reign of the American.

The fight will be on Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the protégé of Floyd mayweather comes out as a wide favorite to defend the light scepter, but in the team of Pitbull they have already warned that the champion has not faced a rival like Isaac and they want to prove it.

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Isaac Cruz will have his great chance against the American Gervonta davis.

Mexican rivals that Gervonta Davis has faced

German Meraz 08-10-14 DU 6 rounds

Alberto Mora 05-22-15 KO 1

Christopher Cruz 10-30-15 TKO 3

Luis Sanchez 12-18-15 KO 9

Guillermo Avila 04-01-16 TKO 6

Mario Macias 06-03-16 KO 1

Hugo ruiz 02-09-19 KO 1

Leo Santa Cruz 10-31-20 KO 6

Isaac Cruz 05-12-21?