Was Bob Melvin the right choice to lead the Tatis Jr. and Machado Parents?

The veteran manager will assume the reins of his fourth Major League team in 2022, where he will have the highest demands of his career

In the midst of discussions about labor agreements, free agency signings and contract extensions for players for the next few seasons, the hiring of Bob melvin as the next leader of San Diego Padres went, in plain terms, unnoticed.

After two years as a manager, Jayce tingler was released and the Padres decided to go another way with someone with more experience in the position, as is the case with Melvin. The experiment with Tingler left a postseason trip in 2020 and a sizable crash in 2021, leaving one of the big favorites early in the season, out of the playoffs.

With Melvin, who has been relatively successful, Parents They seek leadership they understand they did not have (a situation that to some extent was evident in the frustrations that were aired in public and behind closed doors before leaving the team).

However, the history of Melvin with the teams he has managed, the players he has been in charge of and his overall results do not seem to go hand in hand with the gigantic expectations of the players. Parents.

Starting with his work as a leader, until his arrival in Oakland Athletics, Melvin had a negative record. For two years as foreman of Seattle Mariners and four next to Arizona Diamondbacks, the American reached 493 victories and 508 defeats. It is from 2011, when it reaches Oakland, that Melvin converts that record and places it in positive numbers, thanks to 853 wins and 764 lost games.

Similarly, upon arrival at Oakland was that Bob melvin he began to make his way into the postseason consistently, going six times in his eleven years as the team’s manager. However, on no occasion was he able to advance beyond the Divisional Series And this is where the problems begin for your new job.

For the 2021 season, San Diego had the eighth largest payroll of MLB according to the Spotrac portal and was left out of the postseason, despite being one of the big favorites. Plainly speaking, a large payroll coupled with high expectations points to immediate success being sought and this in turn means going deep in the postseason.

Melvin has failed in this part of the job, being eliminated each time it reaches Divisional Series and multiple times when in the game of “Wild cards”.

Added to this, must be added the question of what have been the superstars led by Bob Melvin. From the outset, we can think of a member of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame How is it Edgar Martinez, as well as in Ichiro suzuki, considered the best Japanese baseball player in the history of MLB, but the reality is that none were considered the face of baseball as Fernando Tatis Jr. or had a contract like that of Manny machado and this was almost 19 years ago.

Oakland did not generate stars at that level during the passage of Melvin by the leadership, although it did have good players and others a little more media such as Yoenis CespedesNeither was any of them at the level of the Dominicans.

This means that you will not only have Melvin He has to deal with expectations that he has never had in his long career as a manager, but he will also have the biggest and most important stars he has handled in his life, so the challenge is quite complicated.

The results are what ultimately speak on behalf of the leaders and a three-time award winner Manager of the year from MLB it should be up to any kind of professional challenge. Despite this, the selection continues to attract attention and perhaps, moving away from the trend of hiring young leaders that many teams have implemented, at this time, is a great risk for the teams. Parents. Bob melvin He is a good manager, no doubt, but he may have faced the greatest professional challenge of his life and his future will depend on results.