World Rugby announced variations in the rules for greater well-being of the players

World Rugby has had many new modifications that will be able to be included in all membership unions from 2022. The objective of these variations is the well-being of the player and the accessibility of the game.

Game On Global is the name of the package of modified rules that can be adapted to the different competitions from next year. World Rugby announced that the introduction of Game On Global follows the recently launched Engagement Plan that seeks to accelerate engagement in sustainable rugby after the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with the transformative strategy of cementing rugby as the world’s leading sport. progressive in terms of the well-being of the player.

The implementation of the variations to the laws will be monitored centrally; a global research project will provide an impact assessment in terms of injury prevention and the overall impact on participation.

They were developed by the Community Laws Flexibility Working Group *, which began in November 2020, following a World Rugby survey of law testing that generated more than 1,800 responses, reflecting World Rugby’s mission to connect with the rugby family.

The Task Force involved Grassroots Rugby directors, World Rugby Council members, Grassroots Rugby Committee members, executive staff from World Rugby and its regions; This had the role of developing a series of laws for grassroots rugby that were relevant and attractive to adults in grassroots rugby, generating enjoyment, accessibility and retaining players.

This built on a number of existing national best practice models, including those from England, New Zealand and Wales, who shared their knowledge and experience in developing the global World Rugby project, extending to other areas of rugby.

World Rugby President Sir Bill Beaumont said: “Community rugby is the heart and soul of our sport, the foundation on which our home is built and today represents a milestone for rugby worldwide with the introduction of optional variations. of the basic laws for our national unions. “

“We are constantly listening and interacting with the global rugby family at all levels and I am delighted that today’s tangible results emerge from a survey that received over 1,800 responses from around the world and is based on existing models in England, New Zealand and Wales. An important benefit of the global nature of the project will be the ability to share best practices between unions, having a set of guides that players can recognize no matter where in the world they play. “

“The amendments announced today are a key element of our long-term goal of making rugby more accessible, sustainable, safe and available to everyone. The passion, commitment and enjoyment we see on rugby fields around the world drives us, with the determination to continue to evolve and improve the game we all love. ”

The new variations, here.

Source: World Rugby