De Paul: "I think we are candidates for the World Cup, we hope to arrive with this level of confidence"

Rodrigo De Paul, Atlético de Madrid player, was on ESPN F90 talking about the Argentina National Team, the relationship with Lionel Messi, the importance of Lionel Scaloni for the group and the aspirations for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The Colchonero and Albiceleste midfielder referred to various issues of the national team, the great moment they are going through and even dared to compare Scaloni and Simeone.

The best phrases that the interview:

– “There was a big change in my game. When you wear the National Team jersey you are never short of breath, you don’t get tired, nothing hurts, it’s magic. The first big change was when I came to Europe, I managed to close the puzzle so that everything goes well. When it turns out like this, it motivates you to keep making the sacrifices. “

“At first the figure of Messi is imposing, but later you break that ice and you begin to enjoy the simplicities. We are both simple and we enjoy the dunks, the trick, we are like that”.

– “We talk to Cholo when we can because we have an intense dynamic, every three days we are playing. I admire the passion that Simeone puts into everything. When we talk he tells me about wardrobe things, how he developed and I learn a lot because one grows up and wants to have an important role as he did.“.

“Scaloni is super important to me, he gave me the opportunity to put on the National Team jersey. He always banked me when there was any doubt, he put together an incredible group that works perfectly and is something super important so that afterwards everything is done well in the basketball court”.

– “I’m counting the days for the World Cup.”

– “We have a beautiful competition in the group, that competition makes us all grow. There are never bad faces, we all support each other.”

“Scaloni and Simeone ask me relatively the same. Perhaps, here at Atlético we are more direct to attack, we press a lot more, it is more intense. In the National Team, we tend to have the ball more because of the players we have and we work more on the attacks. to find the spaces “.

“I think we are candidates for the World Cup, we enter the field knowing that we will do well. We hope to reach the World Cup with this level of confidence that does not mean winning or losing, we hope to compete until the last days”.