George Kambosos explica cómo lo ayudó hacer sparring con Manny Pacquiao para convertirse en campeón mundial

George Kambosos shared what it was like to be sparring from Manny pacquiao and the experience it gave him for his professional career.

“It was incredible, especially the first time I sparred with him, going in there, he was ready, I went into the ring we did some boxing,” he said. Kambosos in interview with KO Artist Sports. “I remember the first round, it was smart boxing. He made his moves like he did against Hatton and From the pot, and I started to get into that rhythm and I told myself I belong here ”.

But the best according to account KambososIt was when that first session that he had with him ended ‘Pac-Man’.

“When the sparring ended he approached (Pacquiao) and he told me you are from Australia, now you are with us, let’s go, you are with us in the camp. Then (we did) 250 rounds and three camps, “he explained. Kambosos. “It’s a crazy feeling, because when you see him doing his movements, and you see him doing it very simple and then bang bang, you feel the blows, and you wonder where they come from. When you have the opportunity to see his career as a child and then be his sparring is something incredible. Running, having breakfast together, and that’s when you realize why he is one of the greatest of all time ”.

Kambosos He also remembered that quality time that he spent with Manny pacquiao in many training sessions, where he got to know the person much more than the boxer.

“He has an army around him, he did a lot of abdominal exercises, but on another level. And then he told me ‘George You’re hungry, it’s time for breakfast, come ‘”, he recalled. “And then we would all sit at a table around him. He had calls from the press, etc, but he served us the rice and all the things that we had for breakfast to each one of us. He is a legend and a great human being ”.

George Kambosos idolized Pacquiao as a child

The current lightweight champion said that from a very young age, the Filipino stole his attention.

Manny pacquiao He is someone that I have seen in all my life, when I was a child I saw his successes, my father can tell you that he told him to go to the pub, to leave early to watch the fight, “he said. “I still have a moment when he faced De La Hoya, and after seeing him dominate in 2009, 2010, 2011, it was crazy as a kid.”

Kambosos talked about Manny Pacquiao