How were the URBA divisions formed for 2022?

This Saturday the different categories of the Union of Buenos Aires, with the exception of the URBA Top 12 that will have the semifinals next weekend, disputed the defining day to establish the promotions for 2022. In turn, it should be noted that this year there were no decreases.

In the next season of the First A, Atlético del Rosario will not say present due to its access to the Buenos Aires rugby elite, while San Cirano, after defeating San Martín 23-11 in a classic and electric match, he will be the one that will be added to the second category.

The First B you will see in their ranks Vincentians, the club born in 2012 hit the bump and won 29-26 over CUQ, the candidate to win promotion in the previous one. St. Brendan’s was categorical and won the final against Argentino 23-7, securing a place in the First C.

The Second division will have as a new member Varela Junior, who defeated Los Pinos 17-5. Finally, Athletic San Andrés will be the most recent addition to the Third division. Those of Ingeniero Maschwitz were crowned champions after beating Berisso 26-17.