Será una pelea electrizante: La Guerrera Torres advierte sobre pelea de su hermana Silvia contra Montserrat Alarcón

An electrifying fight between two Mexican warriors hungry for triumph is what the legendary awaits Ana María “Guerrera” Torres, when this Saturday his sister Silvia challenge Montserrat Alarcon by the atom scepter of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

“It will be an electrifying fight, very good,” said the Guerrera Torres in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “It will remain in the memory of the fans, they are aggressive fighters and will give everything in the ring.”

Logically Ana Maria she hopes her sister will be the winner and the new world champion. However, you are aware of how difficult it will be for the Little warrior, which he sees with the possibility of winning on December 4 in Palenque de León, Guanajuato.

“Hopefully my sister is crowned absolute world champion,” he confessed Ana Maria. “I see her with that hunger to want to succeed, she trains hard, follows all the instructions that are told to her.”

He also recognized the quality of the 105-pound world champion, who has proven her quality even in Japan. He assured that the Little warrior he wants to be monarch of the world again.

Silvia does not have an easy rival “, commented Ana Maria. “For something Montse She is the champion, she has gone to show Japan what she is made of. They are both very well and hungry, Montse to keep the title and Silvia to win it ”.

Silvia Torres and Montserrat Alarcón have known each other for a long time

He recalled that his sister and the world monarch have known each other for a long time, when they were amateurs, and although many years have passed, the two have shown their evolution in the ring.

“They know each other very well,” commented the Warrior. “I don’t know if they have sparred, but that doesn’t matter anymore, it matters that each one has advanced. Silvia she has overcome boxing as they have no idea, she was also interim champion ”.

In addition to the quality that the two show in the ring, he acknowledged that they have known how to take advantage of technology and everything that is around them to lead a good career, not as it happened in their times.

“In my time, everything was very austere,” said the former world champion. “Now there are functional training sessions, they are helped by the nutritionist, there is physical preparation, boxing in the gym. Before I ran and trained without a nutritionist, there was nothing like that in the preparation, right now they are more advanced ”.

Montserrat Alarcon will bring into play the title atom of the AMB this Saturday at Palenque de León, after more than two years without doing it. Waiting for the third defense of the scepter that he conquered on August 31, 2018, which he exposed the following year before Nora cardoza and Ayaka miyao, with this one in Japan.

Silvia Torres placeholder image, for his part, wants to taste again the honeys of a world title after his victory on December 16, 2017 with Brenda Flores, to win the interim light fly scepter of the AMB, which lost four months later to Jessica nery in his first defense.