Julio César Chávez dio positivo a Covid 19; pospone gira con Palazuelos y Van Rankin

Former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez He tested positive for Covid 19, recovering at home and immediately without complications, as he is asymptomatic.

Chavez, who is part of the tour “The Commandments of a Chingón Man”, will have to postpone the tour with the rest of the cast, reported the company promoting the work.

“We inform you that a couple of days ago the champion Julio Cesar Chavez gave a positive result to Covid 19 “, they reported in a statement. “That is why we have made the prudent decision to postpone the national tour that we have scheduled these days.”

The three-time Mexican world champion, who was present in the last 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council in Mexico City, he recovers at home.

“The health condition of Julio Cesar Chavez he is asymptomatic ”, they add in the statement. “Which is very favorable, he is strong and with treatment at home.”

The great Mexican champion, they say, looks in a good mood and it is expected that next February he will resume his activity in this work.

“Always with the great sense of humor that has characterized him” is Julius Caesar, they assure. “Enthusiastic and very optimistic.”

Julio Cesar Chavez share credits in the work with Roberto Palazuelos and Jorge Van Rankin, with whom he would start the tour that was postponed. New dates will be announced shortly.

Julio César Chávez tested positive for Covid 19;  postpones tour with Palazuelos and Van Rankin