New act of indiscipline in Boca Juniors de Cardona, Villa and Zambrano

Boca Juniors’ 0-0 draw with Newell’s left a bitter taste that goes beyond the sporting issue, because a new “act of indiscipline” returned to the fore.

Surprisingly, Tuesday Edwin Cardona, Sebastián Villa and Carlos Zambrano did not appear in the starting eleven when on Sunday, the day the game was originally scheduled, then suspended by heavy rain, the three were on the roster.

At the end of the meeting, Sebastian Battaglia He justified that absence, although half because they went to the bank and then the Colombians entered, for an “intoxication”.

Both in Emiliano Raddi in SportsCenter AM with Augusto César denied the versions of fights in the establishment, but the chronicler of ESPN FOOTBALL 12 was also encouraged to deny the coach and assured that there was no such intoxication, if not an “act of indiscipline.”

Augusto César detailed in the noon program that, after the game was postponed on Sunday, the squad returned to the hotel to spend the night, trained in the morning and then Battaglia released the players until 10:30 p.m.

The three players in question showed up later than the cut-off time and “for the coaching staff, council and teammates they committed various acts of indiscipline”, reason for which they were excluded from the starting team, after a talk in the locker room, in which the coach had the consent of the captains and referents.

No further details were given about the footballers’ faults, but the Boca chronicler accepted Mariano Closs’s question that, in some cases, “compromises personal life issues” of those involved.

What happened caused discomfort in both colleagues, coaching staff and leadership. The Football Council gave DT a free hand to decide at the moment on how to act, while The possible sanctions or decisions that they could take about the future of the Zambrano, Villa and Cardona will only be announced when Boca finishes their competition, because they will put the club as a priority over the names.