Bob arum claims he lost money in every fight he promoted from Terence crawford, and questioned its appeal to the public.

During an interview with talkSPORT, Arum I think that Crawford He is not a fighter with a sufficient following to fight on PPV.

Terence crawford He is one of the best fighters today, “he said. Bob arum. “He is tremendously skilled. Unfortunately, he didn’t prove to be an attractive fighter on the Pay-Per-View system for some reason. “

Arum, owner of Top rank, assures that he lost money in every fight of Crawford, despite being one of the best Pound for Pound.

“So, we put him in the best fights we could,” he said. Arum. “Unfortunately, we lost money on each one of them. Crawford keep insisting, and I understand your point of view. He says he is the best of all, and they should pay him as such ”.

Terence crawford defeated with total authority Shawn porter in his last official presentation.

Bob Arum talked about the Crawford contracts

Sincerely, Bob arum gave his point of view on the numbers for each evening. Apparently, he would not hold any kind of grudge with Terence crawford, if he chooses another promoter. The fighter ends contract with Top rank and becomes a free agent.

“The situation is not simple at all,” described the 89-year-old. “If someone is willing to pay the money that Crawford demands, that I do. He should fight with another promoter, if that way he would earn more money. We are at the limit of what we can pay him ”.

Arum has no problem in that Crawford go try your luck with another promoter. He sees it as part of the business.

“Maybe someone will pay him more and he can make a profit,” he said. Arum. “This is a business. I never had an adverse reaction to a contractually free fighter. Yes Terence looking for a better opportunity and more money to fight, to do it with another promoter. Your attitude is legitimate. This is business, and it happens in all sports. If you’re a free agent, it’s over. Yes Terence you can make more money with another company, you should accept it. I’d be a fool if I didn’t. “